Bon Anniversaire

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New Look dress, H&M cardigan, M&S tights, vintage shoes, thrifted ring, necklace, thrifted belt

So yesterday was Mr’s birthday, and we went out for Thai with his Mum and Sister. It was pouring with rain as we hustled into the tiny restaurant, all steamed up with people drying out. It was noisy, busy and delicious – the best kind of restaurant. The food was authentic, the chatter was frivolous and meaningful and the lovely staff dimmed the lights, banged the drum and sang the Thai version of Happy Birthday for him. It was a perfect evening and we rolled in late last night for more wine and The Sixth Sense on TV.

Now to the outfit – I bought this dress last Christmas and rarely wear it because the boning is really uncomfortable. I slipped it on last night and was delighted and slightly dismayed to find it was too big! Fab for my figure, but I really wanted to wear it. So, I popped a black vest underneath, a cardigan over the top and cinched it right in with this cute suede belt. Result! It stayed where it was supposed to (a dress slip when you’re sitting opposite the In-Law is surely a worst case scenario?) and the boning didn’t irritate, even after three courses of delectable Thai food.



Cafe Fashionista

Oh, I think you need to be on Mad Men – your ensemble is so retro yet completely modernistic at the very same time. Loving it all!!

Merry Christmas, darling!! 🙂


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