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I started the day like this, in an H&M sheer blouse, H&M dress, Topshop leggings, Topshop pumps, Primark headscarf and locket necklace by Love Suzie


After 5 minutes outside I ran back in for my trusty cable knit Primark cardigan and spent the day warm and cosy. August? Ppffttt.

I hope you’re all enjoying the Bank Holiday weekend – after such excess on Saturday, we’ve had a quiet one and I’ll be spending the last little bit of it getting into The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

After so many recommendations on Twitter, I bought the first book in the Stieg Larsson Millennium series and really hope I love it as much as everyone else! With all the distractions of the internet, I’ve somewhat lost my passion for reading. I used to devour books, often reading 5 a week (I finished the last Harry Potter book in a day!). I get completely lost in the pages and love getting to know the characters. 

It’s always been my dream to write a best-selling novel, and I think a really good book is the best inspiration a writer can get. So, I’m cracking open this one with high hopes – I’ll see you in 538 pages!

What’s on your reading list right now? Are you in the middle of a really great book? I’d love to hear your recommendations! 



I love love love reading! I love the Martina Cole book, at the moment it’s The Lovely Bones on my bedside table, then onto For Whom the Bell Tolls.

Love that cable knit, and your scarf work. Bravo!!


I love to read but I need to be in the mood to do it! I started reading the latest true blood book ages ago, but life got in the way so I’m still only half way through it.
That cardi reminds me of something my gran knitted me 🙂 it was so cosy… xx


I finished Girl with a Dragon Tattoo about 3 hours ago, highly recommended. Lunch time tomorrow will be rushing out to get next one.


I love your dress and shoes. And you paired the blouse so well with it.

I loved Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. I read it for my book club and breezed right through it. It’s such a great book.


I finished Girl with the Dragon Tattoo last week, did a review on my blog. I’m waiting for book 2, which will hopefully arrive tomorrow!


I’m really trying to read The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, but it’s so difficult to get into! I’m really keen to see the film, but as a rule, I feel I should read the book before watching it on screen.

Cute dress!

Lou x –


I love reading and often have obsessive spouts of it, I’m reading A Piece Of Cake by Cupcake Brown at the moment, it’s a bit of a tough one for me, it is really upsetting in so many ways, I do tend to get so engrossed in characters in books. I am determined to get it read though.
You know Jen I would love to read a best selling novel written by you, it would truly be amazing :)x


Lovely cardigan and both outfits look great!
I love to read myself, and when it WAS sunny (when?) I loved reading in the sun in the garden.
I’m not reading anything at the moment, waiting for the next book in the series I was reading, to come out.
Kyrie x

E is for Eleanor

I really hope you like the Larsson books! I love them, and you have to see the swedish films when you’ve read them all. They are really faithful to the books and are gripping! x


I’m actually halfway through …Dragon Tattoo at the moment, & I totally agree with you about the internet taking away my ability to indulge myself in a book without giving anything else a second thought. I always aim to read 20 books a year but so far, I’ve only read one-&-a-half. BAD! Before I started this, I read The Ice Cream Girls which I literally couldn’t put down – reading it under the covers with a torch, even! Such a grabber.


I love this outfit my dear!! i bought this sheer blouse in electric blue think i wanna get it in the khaki colour too thou! 🙂 x


your dress is beautiful, it goes so perfectly with the cardigan which just looks oh so warm ad cosy! how long ago did you buy that cardi? i’d love to get my hands on one!

i used to read loads, too. but since starting college two years ago, using the internet more and now blogging I just keep on getting distracted! at the moment I am trying to read breakfast at tiffany’s by truman capote again, i tend to have to read books twice to get more of an understanding of it.

do you read street style polka dot? because the writer, jill, had the idea to start a blogging book club, that might be fun if it all comes together! 🙂



Ooh a blogging book club sounds fun!

I’m having a mystery-fest at the moment and reading loads of 40’s/40’s detective fiction. Must do a post soon about the book pile – it’s enormous!

Vintage Vixen

The cardi looks divinely snuggly, Jen.
I hope you enjoy the Larsson trilogy as much as I did. My mates reckon the Dragon Tattoo film is loyal to the book.
I’ve just started Khaled Hosseini’s A Thousand Splendid Suns. The Kite Runner broke my heart, I expect this one will be just as moving. Sob! xxx

Danni and Maria

I absolutely LOVE both of these looks! I am reading lots of murder/crime stories at the moment and I love anything by Val McDermid…not so good for when I am trying to sleep but unputdownable! 😛

Maria xxxx


Wonderful book worm outfit, Jen. I’m sure you’ll like the Stieg Larsson trilogy. I’m at the 2nd now, but sadly haven’t got the hours of time for reading I had in my holidays. xo


that cable knit cardigan is lovely! so so cosy, perfect for curling up with a book 🙂 i’m currently reading the legacy by katherine webb, it is quite good. i always have too many books to read!


OH such beautiful colours!!
reminds me of Burberry Prorsum spring 2009…lovely =D

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