Boutique Run – The Results

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It’s been almost a year since I begrudgingly took up running. When I first started I couldn’t image ever even enjoying running, never mind travelling down to London to take part in an official race with thousands of other women.

But enjoy it I do, even though I still find it exhausting. And on Saturday I made that trip to London to take my place on the Boutique Run starting line. I ran my 5k in 39 minutes – slow but steady is my technique. I didn’t stop because ‘the sun was in my eyes’ or ‘my leg felt broken’ (two of my regular excuses for stopping and walking), but just kept going until I hit that finish line (then collapsed in a deck chair – handy).

The race itself was fantastic – there’s something really motivating about running alongside so many other women – but it was the after party that impressed me most. There were hot showers, hairdryers, products, dressing tables and full length mirrors for the post-race beautification, food and champagne for sustenance and live music for entertainment. There were hair and makeup experts on hand too, although I missed out on a makeover because I was too busy at the canapΓ©s table… ahem.

Bangs and a Bun once told me it’s notoriously difficult to get women to participate in sports – it’s very much a man’s game. She’s blazing her own trail with her amazing Bangs on the Run team, and Boutique Run is doing great things too. The event gives women the motivation they need to get out there and, like Race For Life, there’s a real sense of sisterhood and support. I’ll definitely be back next year and from now on, I require a glass of champagne and a blini after every run. Darling.

The warm up

Proper medals

Crossing the starting line

Goody bags filled with makeup, food and drink – not a pantyliner in sight

Valiant runners celebrating with a manicure

Would you take part in Boutique Run? Have you already done something similar? What motivates you to get up and get out there?



Well done for keeping at it, and for running this. I attempted to take up running again but I gave up before i even started! Ran down the street and felt like i was dying already. I am rubbish! This inspires me to give it another go – i need a kick up the butt! x


I have never done a race but one of my goals is to run a 5k race. I know it doesn’t sound like much but to me it is because I despise it. Have you found that running helps you lose weight?

A Thrifty Mrs

That sounds like a fab event and very well done for sticking with it and not stopping.
I managed to go from couch – 5k this year and would love to do a race (when I get a bit better again) but there is something about them that make me feel so nervous.


I can’t do any more at the moment than run around the block. I’m going to try and get my stamina up this summer with some hardcore cycling and swimming, which I enjoy a bit more, to then take up running again for the autumn/winter!


Great pictures! It was lovely to meet you again and such a good day – I also never thought I would chose to run, let alone enter a race but I ended up enjoying it all far more than I thought I would. Definitely agree about all the little girly touches; the hot showers (even if I forgot to bring a towel!), mirrors and party atmosphere were such a nice touch. Thanks so much for the inspiration to enter it – I never would have if it hadn’t been for your post and discount code. x


Awww well done Jen!
Having recently taken up jogging myself and having nodded VERY knowingly at the sentence “Stopping as my ‘leg felt broken'”, I have honestly got nothing but admiration for you.
I really hope to get to the stage where I can think about participating in something like this and not embarrasing myself hugely, and posts like this really inspire me to put those trainers on and keep going when all I honestly want to do is break open the biscuit tin and watch Corrie with my feet up.

Well done, and thanks!

xxx Maddie


I’ve never heard of the Boutique run before but if I was going to run (which is something I currently don’t do!) this would be the one… all that pampering after?! awesome!


Congratulations! You did amazing, I really love how so many of my favourite bloggers are runners too, it really helps keep me motivated!


Well done Jen!! High five for not stopping.
And a manicure at the end of a run…that sounds pretty good to me. πŸ™‚


Well done for running! I really have no confidence at all at running. In fact I don’t even try because I am sure I won’t make it past 10 paces! So I am in awe of women that run.

Roxanna Evita

That sounds so lush! I don’t run because my knees hate me even without forcing them to jog, but I’m genuinely tempted to have a go after reading this – I daresay achey knees are a fair price to pay for such post-work out luxe! πŸ˜‰ x

Diary of a Tinyholder

Well done you! That looks amazing. I’m definitely signing up for that next year!

Don’t worry about the time – I always think it’s more impressive to keep going the whole way then go too fast and have to stop. I did the British 10k this weekend and was at least 5 minutes behind all the people I ran with. I just run at my very own pace. πŸ™‚


Well done Jen! I don’t run and I have no ambition to – swimming will do nicely for me – but I’m always super impressed at people who have the dedication to train for something like this. The post-run stuff looks like really great fun.



The only thing stopping me from running (besides being monumentally unfit) is the thought of people actually seeing me running. Quelle horreur!

I really should get over myself and get on with it. Thanks for the inspiration!


Emma Louise

well done! I took up running last year to and HATED it for the first couple of months, but kept at it and now I almost look forward to going for a run. I’m currently able to do about 6.5k in about 35 mins, which is beyond amazing for me! Hoping to get up to 10k in the next few months so I feel confident enough to take part in some runs/marathons


Congrats! I like the idea of a manicure after the race. I think these races are a great idea to introduce women to races who might be intimidated by the manly race atmosphere and the incredible stench of deep heat (blergh!). I’m not sure I would go to one myself because I imagine maybe you have to pay extra for those little luxuries? And I am quite a cheapie when it comes to runs! Although if they have a good medal and t-shirt I can be swayed πŸ˜‰


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