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Pillow on our bed

Phone and hand cream on my bedside table

Makeup brushes and jewellery stand on my dressing table

Place cards from my Mum’s Wedding in September 2009

Owl money box and candle in our living room

Books, Russian doll and birthday card on our bookshelf

Memories box

My inquisitive, curious nature means I love having a peek at other people’s houses. When I go to a new place, I could spend hours just poking about, looking at photos, rifling through wardrobes, flicking through books. I’m sure my hosts must think I’m terribly nosy!

These photos were taken in various rooms around the 2 bed flat I share with my Mr. We don’t have much space, so pretty much every surface is crammed with photos and trinkets, memories and reminders. Even though we can’t paint the bland beige walls or change the cold laminate flooring, we can fill our home with things that mean something to us. And surely that’s what’s most important?

I know when we finally buy our own house, we can go as crazy as we like with the decorating. But for now, I’m content with our little flat, filled with things that make us smile.


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Oh i loved this post i wanted it to go on & on, like you a love a look about.

All your stuff is nice & quirky i did a similar post a long time ago when i started my blog but im sure ive new things i could put in it now? x


I love the pillow. Beautiful owl too..these look like things that mean something special to you and exposes a creative side of you when people come to visit. How charming. Really makes me want to clean up my room now.


This is adorable. Oddly, I’ve just posted about owls and houses… Weird!

Who needs a Blackberry when you’ve got a beautiful telephone like that! I love it. And the pillow, too cute. And I heart your Russian doll too, I have two sets! They’re so cute.



i love the stitching on that pillow; and that place looks so quaint & lovely 🙂 i can’t wait to have my own place & decorate it as well lol


I love your style!! And how retro is that phone, it’s brilliant!

I need to get a new box for my memory box, if you see anything you think would be good let me know!


Adore the phone. My cousin has a similiar one in her house, always makes me feel all warm for some reason. Fantatic taste hunny.



CherryBlossom – The box I used is a white leather, vintage-style suitcase I got from TK Maxx. It’s great in there for that kind of thing – definitely have a look if there’s one near you. 🙂


Love the embriodary on that pillow 🙂 it’s so cute. And russian doll appreciation much? Lovely items on display here. It seems You and the Mr have(very)good taste !


The material of my lamp is exactly the same as the material of you pillow 🙂 Bought it at ikea.
Gorgeous <3

Have a great day.


What a lovely post.

Did I spy a jewellery stand on you dressing table? What’s it like and where’s it from? I’m looking for one at the moment but there don’t seem to be many about.

Parakeet Pie xx


This is a lovely idea! I too have a memories box, im too sentimental haha. I am also extremely jealous of that phone! me want 🙂 xxx


Beautiful things 🙂 When I move out I plan on getting a vintage style phone too. I’ve always fancied like a ‘diner pay phone’ for the hallway or something. I don’t know why lol! x

Cafe Fashionista

Ohmigosh Jen, each and every piece here floored me more than the last. Your decorative touches are so sophisticated yet whimsical all at once. I love it!! 🙂


Love your eclectic style.

I have always believed that making a house a home isnt about painting the walls etc, its about putting your own personal things in it.


Wow, it’s all so quaint and lovely. I’m moving house soon too and I’m always looking for inspiration, and this is definately what I’m looking for 🙂

Lexy @ Quirky Explosion

You have the cutest, quirkiest stuff! I absolutely LOVE it. I definitely want that pillow, because embroidery is so awesome.

And I love the idea of the memory box – what a great thing to look back on! Might have to steal that idea from ya 😉

Thanks so much for stopping by!


Great post my dear!! love seeing in peoples homes too!! Might have to steal this idea and do it on my blog too! 🙂 xo


So cute! I love all of these pictures! I’m a very detail oriented person so I completely understand what you mean! That pillow is so cute!!!


What a great post. Youre totally right, and you have very much made your house into a home by adding all your own little personal touches and quirky trinkets 🙂 I cant wait to do this with my man! Youve got me all excited about moving out now xx


I can’t wait to have a house with Chris that we’ve actually bought- I’m dying to get decorating and make a house truly my own! Definitely something to look forward to!

You have some gorgeous bits and pieces- love posts like these xx


Loved everything you posted this is why ideally i would love my own apartment do be able to decorate how i would like it to be:)

I have a similar print on my lampshades in my bedroom to your pillowcase was it from Ikea?


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