The Second Hand Home Challenge

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Since moving in to our new home and vowing to furnish it with second hand finds, I’ve been keeping my eyes peeled for vintage treats. In particular, I was on the look-out for a dining table to fit the alcove in our living room.

Turns out I’m not the only one in the family with magpie eyes – my mum and grandma rescued this beautiful solid oak drop leaf table from a community furniture shop.

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

It fits perfectly into the awkward space and I just love the carving on the legs.

Photobucket Photobucket

I plucked these feathered illustrations from my mum’s garage, popped them from their cobwebbed frames and plan to hang them in the study.

After hearing me talk of my love for battered old suitcases, my grandma had a word in her friend’s ear and presented me with this beauty…

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

It’s a very old, very amazing snakeskin suitcase. The sticker is from its one and only trip, to Switzerland. It was retired soon after but after a little TLC (and a lot of beeswax, apparently), it’s now resplendent once more and sits pride of place in the bedroom.

It’s been an excellent weekend for the Second Hand Home Challenge. Next on the list – chairs!



Wow, this is a really inspiring idea! I expect your home will feel a lot more personal from this.
That suitcase is absolutely gorgeous, I’m very jealous of you for that! You’d never want to use it though, would you? Just admire it haha

Daisy xxx


I love your secod hand challenge – this is exactly how I plan to furnish my first house, when the time finally comes!

The suitcase is gorgeous, I am definitely on the hunt for pretty suitcases for storage now.

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping]

Have seen some amazing vintage cases in blogland recently and I think your snake one may be vying for the top spot. I’m pretty sure there is a bedside table at my mums with the same carving as your drop-leaf table. Looks like the challenge is coming on apace!

I don’t have much in the way of second hand furniture yet – although the odd piece here and there which I’m hoping to add to – but I can’t remember when I last bought new clothes, crockery or home accessories!


That suitcase is divine! I nabbed a similar one recently. We’re planning on using as decor at our wedding next jan. I’d love a stack of them in our bedroom but my 2 yr old son has a habit of picking anything bag-like up and walking off with it, all the while shouting ‘bye bye holiday’. They wouldn’t last a minute! xxx


i love the suitcase its gorgeous

the table is lovely and fits the space pefect.. my house is filled with second hand and vintage .. it makes for a more interesting home i think!!



Well done, the suitcase looks great…as does the table – I bet you are very proud of Grandma! Can I have my duck pictures back? x


oh lorrd, i just posted a comment on my sisters google account – oops! sorry for the deleted comment m’dear – what i said waaaas..

wow jen, your family certainly have an eye for vintage pieces! The suitcase is lovely 🙂 bless your grandma!
And even though it’s not part of the post per se, I love that home sweet home poster against the brown walls – you gotst decorating skillzzzz innit 😉 x


Your new little table reminds me very much of our old kitchen table, except in miniature. Ours got rescued from my gran’s house. Sadly, it went elsewhere when we moved and no longer had a big enough kitchen for it.
I’m loving seeing how you’re furnishing your home. I can’t wait to have somewhere to fill with pieces I love.


Some serious home styling :)) What to say.. the suitcase is just adorable!! Keep up the great work Jen xxx


Jen that suitcase is amazing! What are you planning to store in it?
Great buys, I love the print above the table also.


A Thrifty Mrs

LOVE that suitcase. It is beautiful. The label on the side adds all the more to the beauty for me.

Regarding trying to find chairs, I always have such a problem trying to find chairs. Drawing room chairs are easy enough but I’ve only found one (nice) chair in all the years I’ve been buying stuff for our home. I think beautiful odd chairs are the thrifters jackpot. Good luck, hopefully you’ll have more luck than me.

Rachel (RooPaprika)

Your home is looking beautiful! I’m all for a bit of secondhand furniture – cheap and full of personality to boot. I recently scored an amazing tile-topped coffee table from a charity shop. It was a nightmare carrying (yes walking) it home but it will look amazing next to our reclaimed fireplace


This sounds like such a fun challenge! Your home will be so unique and individual – especially since it can be so much easier just to bulk buy at ikea or somewhere. I am in love with that suitcase – I love that even your grannies friends are helping with your quest! xo love zsara

BonBon Vintage

I’d absolutely love to be able to do this in our home,my Mr would have something to say about it unfortunately! That table is lovely, and the case is gorgeous! I’m glad your challenge is going well 🙂

Hope you have a good week xx


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