Denim on the down low

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H&M jeans and belt, New Look blazer, Primark shirt, pumps, bag and ring, Super Duper Things brooch. Pale Purple by Barry M nails

This isn’t the kind of outfit I’d usually share with such stylish followers. It’s my ‘awake at 6.30am on a Monday morning and nothing is ironed’ outfit. In short – it’s rather lazy, not particularly inspired and definitely not very fashion-forward. However, the lovely Leah had this to say:

“I rarely see you in jeans… I don’t think I have seen you in jeans at all. But you look freaking awesome in jeans.”

Why thank you, Leah! I do, in fact, wear jeans all the time. Jeans are like my lifeblood. I just don’t let you guys see me in an endless array of denim duds because I think that’d get pretty dull, pretty quick. 

I also wear sweats from time to time… and once wore them to do my weekly shop. Oh, the shame! πŸ™‚

Are you a denim diva too? Or are you far too polished for such shenanigans? I’d love to know!

PS – Don’t you just L.O.V.E my new brooch from fab Etsy shop Super Duper Things? Check out the lady behind the pretty, Louise, on Blogger and let her know what you think of her utterly super duper things! 



That’s a gorgeous outfit! I live in jeans too, infact, I dont think I own any other type of trouser (discounting work ones)! x


i love the brooch! only the other day was i looking at louise’s shop, and now i am in the process of persuading my mum to set up a paypal account, haha πŸ™‚

yes, you really do look great in jeans! i haven’t actually worn jeans outside of my house in over a year. i only like tight, skinny jeans, but i can never find any to fit! booo πŸ™

love, jazzabelle. xxx


I think denim is simply timeless. It’s reliable and wearable and has a long shelf life.
I love pale/tatty denim jeans. So laid back and casual πŸ™‚


I really like this look – the denim blazer is so cute! I haven’t worn jeans for about 5 years – people give me a really weird look whenever I tell them that as most of my friends wear jeans all the time! Denim is gradually coming into my life though – I have a couple of pairs of jeggings which I love and recently bought an H&M demin jacket which I literally can’t stop wearing! x


I still think you look gorgeous Jen πŸ™‚ not a lazy outfit at all! haha are you mad?! Youd kick my bum if you saw the state of what scabby painty clothes I need to wear monday to friday. Ive tried to girlie it up as much as I can but I always end up so messy πŸ™ I live for pretty dresses and cute outfits like this at the weekend! πŸ™‚ xx


I’m rarely out of my skinnies – benefit/drawback of working in a creative agency is that anything goes, which translates into jeans every day for everyone, incuding clients when they come in! I do make more of an effort when visting clients in their offices though – wouldn’t dream of turning up in jeans. Have a few Gap frocks for those days. x


I only own one pair of jeans, and it takes a brave day for me to crack them out. I’m always jealous of people who wear them and look ace – they look weird on me!

These look ace, and that belt is very cute! xx

PS Can’t wait to be shoe buddies…


Oh, I think everyone wears jeans in their daily life! It’s much too impractical not too! Besides you look great in this all denim look:)



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