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‘Blogger’s Block’ is something that affects me from time to time – it usually arrives hand in hand with Writer’s Block. Suddenly, the words just won’t come and as someone who makes a living from making words, that sucks.

I could fill this post with tales of my life and why I’m wearing this dress (quick answer – I just unpacked it from my autumn/winter stash and fell back in love), but I don’t tend to share much of my personal life here. So let’s just do the photos.

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uk fashion blogger
Dress, Cos (last season) | Jacket, Michael Kors via TK Maxx | Brogues, Somerset by Alice Temperley c/o John Lewis | Necklace, Primark | Bag, Mulberry

I like tackling issues, discussing style and sharing my latest thrifty finds, but I struggle to share the inane details of my life on this blog. So when Blogger’s Block hits, I’d rather keep it short and sweet than delve into the everyday. Although if you twist my arm, I might stretch to a wedding planning update tomorrow…

How do you handle Blogger’s Block? Do you write about the personal stuff on your blog, or do you prefer to keep that to yourself?



Yes, please do write more about your upcoming wedding! I’d absolutely *love* to read your take on all things white and wonderful (and most importantly, thrifty!) when it comes to nuptials!

Blue Belle

Jen, do you ever have days when you feel like blogging is a little silly and inane (I’m not saying yours is in anyway but this is how I feel at the moment). I’ve been unwell for a few weeks and the thought of getting dressed up and taking photo’s of myself just makes me feel worse… so I’m in semi retirement.. Have you ever felt like that? (or maybe that is too personal a question, if so, I apologise!) xo


ABSOLUTELY. There are many, many days when I just want to get dressed without the faff and ‘stress’ (I know it’s not really stressful in the grand scheme of things) of taking photos of every last thing.

I’ve been flat-out busy with my day job for the last month and it does make me wonder what on earth I’m doing, posing in front of a tripod in the middle of the street. Comparing blogging to a more mainstream job does make it all seem a bit silly. But I think the key is enjoyment – if you enjoy blogging and documenting life, why not continue? If you’re struggling or finding it a chore, take a break and come back to it when (or if) you want to.

Hope that helps a bit. x

Blue Belle

Thanks Jen, it does. For a while there I was constantly brimming over with ideas and thoughts about my blog, but recently I’ve just hit a slump. Hopefully I’ll recover.
Thank you for your comments 🙂

Men's Watches

Do not feel alone in the bloggers block! It happens to the best of us and happens often. I have experienced it so many times it’s frustrating. Absolutely love that dress! Yellow seems to be a hot colour this year.


I’ve been stuck in a bloggers block for a while now! (Although I am currently writing a post)

And I’d love to see a wedding planning post! 🙂 xx

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping]

I get this often. My blog is more about my writing than style, pretty pictures or my life, although there is an element of all of these. I’m quite private, so maybe not a natural blogger, however fighting with that is an urge to make people laugh, and a lot of that involves giving a bit away about myself. It’s a balancing act. Whilst I am loath to admit it, I get disheartened if I don’t get enough comments on something I’ve worked hard on. I know it shouldn’t be about that, but there you go! At the moment though, I’m in an up phase.

I still very much like that dress on you, it’s very Autumn appropriate with all the black leather.


Yes, yes, YES to this comment. I feel ALL of this, very regularly. I’m a pretty private person too… I don’t mind people seeing photos of me, but I don’t want everyone knowing where I went to dinner with my boyfriend. It’s a really careful balance!

Feeling the comments thing too. x

Bangs and a Bun

Well, you know me, I bleat on about any ol’ thing really. But yes, I hear you on the blogger’s block. Tres annoying. I get it every once in a while (heck, sometimes every few weeks) and while I’m very open about a lot of my life, like you, I sometimes just want to keep a bit to myself and not put it out there. When it gets like that, I say there ain’t nothing wrong with just letting us look at pretty pictures.

Two things:

1. I frikkin’ LOVE Cos. I only just started shopping there recently and am kicking myself for not discovering it sooner. The colours! The shapes! The simplistic design! Gah! Loving it. That dress is an absolute peach.

2. Totally yes to the wedding update.

Over and out.


I have to say I love reading about people’s lives on blogs (not a stalker, just nosy!) so I actually follow very few pure fashion blogs, and much prefer blogs where you get a sense of the person behind them. I don’t think that needs to be a warts and all expose on your life, but I am always interested to see things other than clothes such as your home related posts and your beauty posts, which have been some of my favourite posts of yours recently. which isn’t to say I don’t love the outfits too, because I do!

I’ve started including a little round up on Sundays of what I’ve been up to in the week – nothing crazy personal just bits and bobs about what I’ve been doing, which I’ve found has had some great responses via comments and it’s a nice reminder for me too!

Eve Maria

I’d love to read about your wedding- any tips on suppliers like flowers, catering in the northern area would be appreciated!

Annabelle Britton

I love your blog! Mines currently a bit of a mixture because I’m studying abroad and writing a blog to let people at home know what I’m getting up to so it is more personal. I think you however get the balance just right getting enough of your personality across without giving too much away! I would love to see a cheeky post about how the wedding preparations are going too! ha


Wedding update stat! Feel like I’m losing my mind with all the little wedding things at the minute haha.

And yes, I try not to be too personal, it’s hard but I tend to steer away from that because I’d end up rambling. I’ve felt very ‘blocked’ recently so I took a step back and remembered why I started 🙂 x

Samantha Manzella

I tend to share photos and general things about my personal life, especially since my blog became recently a photography-driven blog. I do love to write about how I feel about things, so I suppose you could say I’m a personal blogger. I do, though, try to keep the details of my life (ie my school, my small town, individual places around where I live, the names of people I don’t want to embarrass or annoy, etc) off the blog. I feel like there is a place for those kinds of stories and details, yet that place isn’t the harsh, impersonal, and unforgiving internet.

– Samantha


I’ll share photos but I tend not to discuss personal issues. There are some things you don’t need the whole (potentially) of the internet knowing.

Great look! Loving the bright pop of colour of that dress 🙂




I know exactly what you mean – you are definitely not on your own there (and looking at the above comments, I mean you’re REALLY not on your own!)

My day job’s writing too, and there are times when I can barely form an interesting/coherent sentence, but then again I find some days the words just come like *that*.

Funny you should mention about pics, because without them, it doesn’t become much of a ‘fashion/style’ blog, however there are times when my poor boyf/mum/insert ‘willing volunteer here’ has taken well into 30/40= shots and I don’t like any of them.

*sigh* I think we’re gluttons for punishment! xx

ps wedding update post? Yes please 🙂


Love the colour of this dress.
I never used to write about personal stuff or what was going on in my life but now I do as I find it quite easy and natural to write about. Whether anyone else finds it remotely interesting is another matter! x

Melissa Reynolds-Lawrence

I think I’ll only share brief glimpses of personal stuff, if I think it addresses an important issue (much like your piece about whether anyone is ever too old to blog). But if it’s too gain sympathy, it’s better to talk to the people who know and understand you. Some things just aren’t meant to be shared on the internet. Oh and I’m lovong the neon and black x


My blog is a personal lifestyle blog, so I write down the personal a lot.. I love reading about the blogger behind the clothes sometimes, so if you want to talk about your wedding I for one will be reading along (and probably loving it) x

My Passport to Style

Hi Jen, so glad you tackled this issue it’s something I struggle with particularly when other areas of my life are really full on from time to time;creativity can take a battering and being unable to write can feel really negative.What seems to work for me is taking a break and not getting too uptight about it. Pinterest and a glass of wine comes a pretty close second! Thanks for raising it here, its been lovely hearing other bloggers views and I would love to see your wedding post!:)


Maria Fallon

I love this dress on you, the colour is just so zingy! I do tend to blabber on on the old blog, mainly I think because I always have. I figure it is sharing things about all parts of my life and helps to give a context to my outfits etc… I use the rule, if I wouldn’t be happy telling my mum or grandma then I won;t share it which seems to work quite well!

Maria xxx

Elle Falconer

Thoroughly enjoyed this blog post. I love your style! Much due to the fact that I think we have the exact same body shape and size so I know that if something looks amazing on you then I can probably pull it off too. Thank you for the inspiration!

Arash Mazinani

I don’t try to reveal too much about my personal life on my blog. Sometimes I think it’s a good thing, other times I think maybe I should reveal more.

Whenever I get bloggers block I tend to get out of apartment and go do something or go meet some friends. I hate sitting down in front of the computer and my mind going blank. By putting it on hold for a moment it gives me time to sought some inspiration from somewhere, be it a something I see in town or something that crops up when chatting with friends.

Something usually comes to me. In the past on a couple of occasions I have tried to force something but it just ends up taking me twice as long to write a post and I’m always unhappy once I’ve published it, so now I just leave it until I know I’ll be happy with what I’m putting out.

Le Fresne

Your blog is so interesting, with beautiful outfits too – a match made in heaven!

I’ve just started blogging so am yet to experience Blogger’s Block! I try to combine blogging with writing creatively, so it’s bound to happen at some point!

le fresne x


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