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I wonder how many blog posts have been titled ‘En Français’? Considering the fashion blogger’s love of all things French, my guess is too many. And here’s another! But I’m wearing stripes and red lipstick so I think it’s okay.

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Jumper, French Connection | Jeans, Zara | Heels, Clarks c/o Sarenza | Satchel, Zatchels | Jewelled collar, Zara | Ring, Primark | Lipstick, Topshop’s Rio Rio

Let me make a bold statement. These heels are So. Comfortable. From my work with Sarenza I’ve collected a few pairs of Clarks shoes and every single one is a dream for my toes. These leopard print beauties have a mid-heel and a soft, cushioned insole – walking is a breeze, they don’t pinch or rub and I’m pretty sure I could even run an Olympic 100m in them. It’s true love.

Other things to note – I bought this cute striped jumper in the French Connection sale and the jeans are also a sale buy, from Zara. I’ve found some real gems in the end of the sales including three Zara dresses reduced from £40 to £12.99 – well worth checking out! Oh, and the collar? I KNOW.

What are you wearing today?



The stripes and red lipstick defintely allow for that title! Love these shoes and the fact that they are comfy make them even better! You have found some lovely things in the sale!
Cara x

Pip ♥

Love this outfit, you look lovely! Couldn’t be more french if you had a baguette under the arm and a string of onions hanging around your neck 🙂

Pip x


Those shoes are so pretty! I’ve been looking for a good pair of leopard print heels for a while now. It’s so hard to find a pair of comfortable ones. I don’t wear heels very much so it is great to read you talk so highly of these babies’ comfort factor. A blogger not being able to walk well in heels??? THE SHAME! I know….


I *so* cannot walk in heels! I very rarely wear them either which is why I was so impressed with these as they’re lovely, even for a flats fan like me! 🙂

Gemma Satire

Well can’t resist French style…it is so elegant! You look very chic here Jen and those shoes…amazing, glad to see that they are comfortable and don’t pinch your feet. And yes, the Zara sales are AMAZE and seriously can’t wait for all their new autumn stuff!

Gemma x



I love the similarities between nautical and what we consider “french.” I love the mix-and-match too. Where can I get good, cheap nautical stuff?


Yes, the collar – amazing!! Whenever I drop a French word or two into a blog I start getting French spam emails – it’s very amusing.


I love the combo of stripes and leopard print. Again, an idea I wish to steal from you! There’s a lot of those.


Gorgeous, love the stripes and the lippie.
I picked up a Zara jacket for £12.99 down from £59.99 in the sale. Total bargain!


You can’t beat a breton stripe and some red lipstick. Today i’m wearing a navy polka dot skirt – black t-shirt and red cardigan – yes mixing navy with black, sacre bleu!


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