Fashion Blogger Challenge – The £50 Outfit

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I’m quite a competitive person – I’ve been known to sulk after losing a game of Pictionary and once blamed coming 5th in a sports day sack race on ‘the sun in my eyes’. Ahem. So, the raging competitor in me was delighted when extended an invite to take part in their fashion blogger challenge. The terms? Swap £50 for a fabulous outfit, bought from the sartorial outlet of your choice.

Armed with my Shopping Survival Kit (£50 cash, a cotton tote, flat shoes and Tic Tacs for sustenance) I hit the high street. But rather than taking the easy route and popping in to one of my (many, admittedly) high street haunts, where a £50 outfit can be accomplished in a matter of minutes, I kept walking. Past Primark, H&M, Zara and Topshop I skipped, nipping down a side alley to reach my final destination – a vintage shop called Mighty Baby.

I chose a vintage shop because they’re notoriously expensive, especially in big cities, and I wanted a real challenge. When the average price of a vintage blouse is around £30, it would take some real rummaging to find a true bargain… wouldn’t it?

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Vintage dress and satchel, Primark belt, Sarenza flats, H&M ring, Elsiebelle bracelet

Well actually, no. Mighty Baby is one of the cheapest vintage shops I’ve ever been in – almost everything is £10. The rails are packed (and ordered by colour, which was really helpful) with beautiful vintage clothing in pristine condition, and I had my outfit sorted in 20 minutes. Obviously I then spent an hour rifling through the rails for more vintage bargains…

At £25, the dress I chose was one of the most expensive items in the shop. But it’s so beautiful – all carefully draped fabric and pretty pleating. And it fits perfectly, a rarity for vintage clothing which often comes up small. I teamed it with a mini leather satchel, also from Mighty Baby and only £10, and then went on the hunt for a belt.

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After half an hour of fruitless searching, I caved and snuck in to my old faithful, Primark. Five minutes and £5 later I emerged with this tasselled affair and after a quick trip to Topshop for more of my favourite lipstick (£8 and an idea I nicked from Ellie, who looks beautiful in her challenge outfit) I had spent up.

I can’t wait to see how my fellow fashion bloggers work this challenge. All entries will be displayed on – I’ll let you know when we’re up there so you can choose your favourite.

What do you think – did I spend my £50 wisely? How would you tackle this challenge?



Fantastic outfit! Not sure I would have gone with tassels and pleates but it works really well. Also wanted to congratulate you on not taking the easy route, to be brutally honest I probably would have ended up in New Look…

A Thrifty Mrs

Well spent. The dress has so much detail that it could be a bit much but actually it is just the right side of understated.
And the bag? Ah the bag, I love it. Classic and urban chic.


oh my god, mighty baby is in leeds?! im going to leeds for uni this year! *adds to list of vintage shops i needto check out*

Such a pretty dress too!!


Good plan going to a vintage shop and am mightily heartened to hear it’s quite cheap – will be checking out Mighty Baby soon.

Have to say I love the accessories too – I thought the belt might be vintage at first. justt goes to show!


hey jen! love the dress! so stunning and what a bargain! just catching up on your posts that ive missed while being away 🙂 xo


That look gorgeous on you – I adore it! But, oh, this post made me feel like a bad person. One of my dearest friends has moved to Leeds, and I haven’t got round to visiting her yet, but now I’m like ‘Oh! I want to go to that vintage shop! SARAH lives in Leeds now… aha!’

Me = bad person. But I want to go to there.


That dress is an exceptional find Jen! I know pleats are super in at the moment but it’s really classic so will last you for many summers to come – lovely.


This dress is just so lovely. I think you tackled this perfectly – you’re not going to see this dress on anyone else.
For a belt I think I would have gone for a length of ribbon, in a contrasting colour, to tie in a bow.


Wow, what fab finds! You always put together such lovely outfits, fingers crossed you win!

Nat x

P.S. I am seriously in love with that satchel!


This dress is so lovely, and such a beautiful print. The mini satchel is classic yet quirky at the same time. I think you did a good job with the challenge- and made it completely your own xxx


I think that’s my favourite outfit I’ve seen you in. Understated and classy. Really lovely.


You did a fantastic job, this has to be one of my favourite outfits! I am so competitive that my friends won’t play board games with me anymore 🙁

Maria xxx


Im loving your blog, very inspirational! Please check mine out as ive just started up and would love some advice!
🙂 xxx


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