How To Wear Hi-Top Trainers

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You know those girls who look really awesomely cool and still feminine when wearing huge clunking shoes, baggy jeans and a Varsity jacket? Yeah. I’m not one of those girls.

I tend to shy away from more masculine fashion trends as I just can’t pull them off. Something to do with having size 8 feet and a size 12 ass – I need clothes that indicate a waist in between. Hi-top trainers have been on my No, No, NO list for a long time, but my inner gangster was dying to give them a try…

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Jeans, Topshop Leighs | Shirt, Zara | Jumper, c/o Barbour | Hi-tops, Nike c/o Sarenza | Glasses, Ralph Lauren at Vision Express | Lipstick, All About Me by Topshop

So I went there. When I spied these cute black/grey spotty hi-tops on Sarenza I couldn’t resist, despite knowing they’d make make my feet look like boats. And they do. But paired with form-fitting black and some matchy-matchy dots, maybe only small tug boats.

What do you think of hi-top trainers? Would you wear them?



I have had my eye on these very trainers for a while now! What’s the sizing like? I am normally an 8 but I take a 7 in most Nikes, weirdly.


I think they’re quite true to size… but I guess it depends how big an 8 you are! I originally got these in a 7 (because usually with bulky shoes I can size down) but they were a tiny bit small so I went up and they fit really well. They’re quite narrow despite the chunkiness so I’d say stick with an 8. Hope that helps! πŸ™‚

Park Bench Poet

I’ve been desperate to try hi-top trainers for a while but I struggle with looking feminine in non ‘girly’ clothes/shoes! These look so cute with the little spots, I think I’ll have to give them a try!! x

Emma Ainsworth

You look faboosh, the hi tops manage to look pretty smart & defo don’t look like boats. I on the other hand am a teeny size 3. I tried hi tops on and looked like I had stumps not feet! Grrrrrrrr!

Peacock's Hat

This is so strange that you’ve posted this, I only just ordered a pair of high Vans on Saturday. I’ve always been a little wary but they were so cute and in the sale…I have quite a few pair of hi top converses but I just wear those with jeans. I’m hoping the Vans might look ok with skirts and not make my size 7 feet look too humongous. I like the way you’ve worn them with monochrome and the echo of the spots.


Hi-top trainers are never something i could pull off, but i’m loving the way you’ve worn them and they go great with your outfit! x


I’m obsessed with hi-top trainers. I always used to wear Converse, but I got some black studded Blink trainers in the ASOS sale and I’m loving them.

Liz xx


I used to have a real issue with trainers and was convinced that everyone was staring at the boat-like shoes on my feet. I’ve now become obsessed with owning wedge trainers, and last week bought a pair of Nike blazers. I’m a trainer convert and will definitely be buying more!

– Tabitha at x


‘My inner gangster was dying to give them a try’ – best line I’ve ever seen on a blog!

I think they look really good on you! I don’t own any trainers at all and considering I live in pencil skirts, they’re definitely not for me, but you can pull them off! xo

Chloe Green

I’ve been looking for some cute hi-tops for a while! These are perfect.

I’m the same with avoiding manly trends, even though sometimes it’s way more comfortable!



I know your dilemma but I absolutely love hi top trainers. If I could I’d have a room full. It’s all about the styling πŸ™‚ Hannah x


I don’t even own a pair of trainers, I just cannot do masculine/sporty trends! Too much hips is the problem.

Anyway, I think this gamble definitely paid off! Maybe its the polka dots but they still look feminine and cool =) xx


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Rae Brooke

Well, you wear them wonderfully!
I bought my blazers because I required some sensible footwear which would last longer than two weeks (ballerina flats, I’m looking at YOU) but were still on-trend. They’re the most comfortable things I have ever worn. I would literally wear them with anything, dodgy looks be damned!

Kerry Brown

I love your hi-tops.. I think I agree my inner gangster is dieing to get a pair. Love the polka-dot detailing.. Im a sucker for polka-dots. x


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