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I’ve never been hugely fussed about designer clothing. When it comes to shoes, bags and jewellery, I can attempt to justify a designer purchase. But clothing? Sure, I like nice quality pieces… but I’m not really bothered about what’s in the label.

Late last year I did some work with evian, who have just launched their latest fashion designer collaboration in the form of a beautiful glass bottle (of evian, natch) created by Diane von Furstenberg. As a thank you for the work I did for them, I was sent a DvF dress.

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Dress, Diane von Furstenberg c/o evian | Leather jacket, Michael Kors via TK Maxx | Boots, Bertie | Snood, Accessorize | Bag, Mulberry | Ring, Primark | Lipstick, All About Me by Topshop

… and just like that, my opinion on designing clothing changed. Because, well – look at it! It’s a classic DvF jersey wrap in a ‘tiger eye’ print – yes, those are hundreds of tigers’ eyes staring at you. The softest material, the most flattering fit, and it has LONG SLEEVES. I love dresses with long sleeves!

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Wrap dresses can so easily stray into dowdy territory, so I chose a bright, unusual print (like I said, tiger eyes) and usually team it with leather accessories and high, high heels.

I’ve worn this exact outfit for so many smart/casual occasions – it was a lifesaver over Christmas and a few tweaks to the accessories mean it works for everything, from a Date Night dinner to a day in the office.

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The original price of this dress was £335 which is rather eye-watering, but it’s just been reduced in the sale to a far more palatable £167.50. And now I’m trying to work out how many more I can buy under the guise of ‘building an investment wardrobe’…

What do you think – do you own a designer dress? Would you splash the cash or save it for Zara?



Great post.I was lucky enough a couple years ago to find an unworn DVF dress for £4.50 in a charity shop!! After picking myself up off the floor (and doing a victory lap), I bought it and I’ve worn it several times. I know what you mean about the quality of the fabric – my dress is sooo soft. You look great in yours and I hope you get lots of wear out of it!

Michelle x


I’ve always struggled with wrap dresses. Having something of an ample busom I find wrap dress even in my chest size gape across the front, requiring either an under vest or a safety pin to preserve modesty. I’ve often wondered if high street stores are just skimping on the fabric and would a DVF dress be cut better. You and your dress look amazing.

Peas & Carrots

The only designer dress i own is my ‘Odette’ Jenny Packham wedding dress. It was from a lovely (& very posh) bridal boutique, not one of her lines for Debenhams. * Wondering if it still fits*.
Oh and i was given a John Richmond dress as a thank you gift – never been worn.
You look lovely in your dress. LOVING the bag.


I’ve definitely starting investing more in clothing since I’ve started working and I’ve made a beeline for more quality pieces this sales season. I can’t quite bring myself to splurge on such things full price yet, but I’m certainly prepared to wait 6-10 months from first sight until purchase. You’ll see my finds on the blog soon!


That dress is lovely! Although I am always loathe to part with thr money my few designer items have had such good wear – and the quality of that dress looks fantastic.


I worship DVF- what a genius to invent something as simple as the wrap dress! The pattern on this is amazing. There are a few designers I would think about coughing up for (Christopher Kane…) but other than that, I’m a cheapskate. One of my favourite outfits is a £1.50 playsuit from eBay. x

Hannah Cagney Lace

Beautiful dress, it really suits you plus what an amazing print!

I’m forever looking at designer clothes but still haven’t justified a piece yet like I can with designer shoes and handbags. However if you think about it in a cost per wear sense I should probably buy more designer dresses which I’d be likely to wear more often than cheaper Zara picks.

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I’m weaning myself off buying everything I see because it’s cheap but I’m still far too much of a bargain hunter to spend designer money. I find ultimately I fall in love with things and then once they’re in my wardrobe, they’re somehow not the same – so I’d rather not have spent big bucks! Hannah x


oh Jen, long hair suits you just perfectly!!color, fringe, waves- absolutely beautiful!


I think having a few nice, good quality items is a good idea. I have a designer bag at the moment as get so much wear out of it. A Zara bag can be around £60 so why not just save up and spend £300 if it’s something I really want. I always make sure I pay my bills first.
I treated myself to a few Whistles dresses in the sale recently and even though they were a tad pricey I’ve already worn them loads and they have washed really well x


That dress is gorgeous! It looks really good. I bet the quality is amazing. I can’t really afford this price tag at the moment but I definitely need to get out of my student Primark clothing rut now I am no longer a student or travelling!


I think every girl needs one designer dress in their lives – I’ve yet to find mine but I believe it’s out there. Every girl needs a dress that makes them feel extra special and that you make the effort to mix up into all sorts of different outfits for the ££ you may have spent on it. I love your one – it’s timeless yet quirky all rolled into one, and you can probably bet that you’d never have that ‘same dress’ dilemma at any given time.


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