Fashion blogger in jeans and t-shirt shocker!

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I’ve mentioned it many times on this blog – I’m a real jeans and t-shirt girl at heart. Nothing thrills me more (well, maybe not nothing) than figure-fitting denim, an easy t-shirt and a nifty jacket. You can crow about leather leggings and shredded crop tops all you want, but good jeans are hard to beat.

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Jeans c/o Next, Gap tee, H&M jacket, wedges c/o Sarenza, H&M jewellery

High has been my waistband of choice for a few years now – nothing flatters child-bearing hips like a high waist – and I usually go for a skinny leg. Topshop’s Krista jeans have been my favourites for a long time, but these front pocket flare jeans from Next may just take the top spot. I love the dark denim wash and extra long leg for all those slimming and lengthening properties the glossy magazines will tell you about.

This is my uniform for the days I need to look pulled together but not OMG fashionable. Suitable for – sweet talking bank managers, signing mortgage agreements and visiting school children. None of which I’ve done today.



The jeans are just lovely. Seeing something like this always makes me wish I had long legs, not my wee silly leggies:( Oh well. You look gorgeous x


Agreed, there’s nothing quite like a good pair of jeans to make you feel fab! Even if they’re not something I wear very often… 🙂

Miss Raj

Very flattering jeans indeed. I am on the hunt for a “wear anytime, dress up or dress down” pair of jeans… so thank you for the pointers!


I’ve been looking for a nice pair of high waisted flares. They look fab on you. Might pop on over to next 🙂


I love it when blogggers wear ‘real clothes’, rather than sky high heels! This looks like a perfectly comfy and stylish look.


I’ve seen many bloggers in a t-shirt and jeans (or worse… leggings!). Of course, you look put together with a blazer. Everyone has that H&M necklace, dammmit I should have picked it up!


Those jeans look great on you. Normally I’m not a fan of flared jeans, but they’re really nice and subtle 🙂

Nat x


see, this is a great example of how a truly great pair of jeans in the sort of style I lust after can make a simple look so fantastic. Loving the blazer/t-shirt/jeans combo, and as always am drooling after your jewellery!


Nothing wrong with some nice jeans! I always feel odd for never wearing them, but I’ve come to accept that they just don’t suit me – I look so much better in dresses! It’s a good look though – like you said, pulled together but not too much. The blazer smartens it up, but the colours makes it stylish and quirkier, and it looks ace with the simple stripy t. I actually LOVE that blazer – really need to get some more little fitted ones!


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