How To Wear Leopard Print

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what to wear with leopard print

I’m a long-time fan of leopard print. Despite their cheap ‘n’ nasty reputation, animal prints have the potential to look so classic – I think they encapsulate that nonchalant, no-fucks-to-give Parisian style perfectly. You just need to know how to wear them.

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Faux fur coat, ASOS | Jumper, Boutique by Jaeger | Jeans, Topshop Leighs | Flats, Vagabond c/o Sarenza | Bag, Mulberry | Necklace, Primark | Lipstick, Topshop’s Rio Rio | Sunglasses, Jigsaw

When I spotted (lol) my homegirl Kristabel wearing this ASOS leopard print coat, I knew it had to be mine. I’ve been looking for a nice, full-length faux fur coat for a while and as this one was just £21 (down from £70!) I wasn’t too fussed about the impending spring weather and the possibility I wouldn’t get to wear it ’til next winter. Not that I needed to worry about THAT – thanks for the snow, Universe.

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When it comes to wearing leopard print, there are only three things you need:

– Stripes
– Denim
– Red lipstick

Stick to this formula and you’ll never stray into Bet Lynch territory. Promise. Throw in a good pair of black leather flats and you’re in Off Duty Supermodel mode. This is the coat I’ll chuck over my oh-god-it’s-Monday-and-I’m-late-for-whatever-it-is-I’m-doing outfits.

How do you wear leopard print?

PS – Yes, I am wearing sunglasses in the snow. It was VERY bright this morning!


Georgie Lowen

I love leopard print… but not on me! This is EXACTLY how I would wear it though! So french! haha. Love it.



What a fab bargain! I love animal prints, but as you say you have to be careful about the kind of things you buy – too cheap and it can look terrible and Bet lynch-esque.

I wore my sunnies today too – intermittent sunshine + lots of the white stuff = serious glare!

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping]

Do animal prints really still have a cheap and nasty reputation? I thought they’d been redeemed years ago – Jodie Marsh etc notwithstanding. I just worked out I got my first leopard coat 18 years ago – and I’m not THAT old! Looks great on you.


Great pictures…I love your outfit!

Leopard print has been cool since scary spice as far as I’m concerned! I’ve wanted a coat like yours for years but never found the right one! The search continues….

Sarah XxX


Glad you like the coat, I wore it today too! I think it’s perfect for transitional weather and over a party dress for evening. I deffo need to add red lippy next time, I’m loving the Rimmel Apocalips at the moment.


I got the mango leopard print coat in the sale in January and I’ve hardly taken it off since. I wear it to work, gigs and nights out. Leopard print always makes me feel glam and I will try pairing it with stripes later this week x


Thanks Amy! Yes, my feet were like ice cubes. Luckily this shoot acted as a trial run for the flats and I quickly ran home and changed to socks (joy!) and boots! 😉


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