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Wearing: ASOS skirt, Next cardigan, Zara shoes and scarf, Mango ring
On: Wednesday 9th February
For: Feeling all Joan Holloway in the office

Why do all items of clothing now come with those coat hanger ribbons? Doesn’t everyone just snip them out?

The highly irritating and largely useless (considering I fold it up and store it in a drawer) coat hanger ribbons from my Next cardigan. RIP.



They are useless on clothes, buuuutttt do make excellent gift tag strings. What I use mine for.

Gorgeous colour that skirt! and I love the scarf. Being a total leopard print fiend.


fritha louise

They are really irritating and useless on 99% of clothing. What really winds me up is the ones that are just one long ribbon across the back of the neck, and often show, peeking above the neckline when you’re wearing the top/dress etc. So annoying.
Really like your outfit. The berry and green colours look fantastic together, and the silhouette is lovely. You’re right, very Joan!


I think they’re useful for wide neck or strapless tops if you’re hanging them up, but for the most part they are useless. Especially when the store doesn’t even use them on their hangers!

Peacock Lace Face

I love your outfit, and I think the idea of this set of posts is great. I struggle to create a good outfit for one day of the working week, let alone 30 days straight!
Love reading your blog


I hate these tags so much! I forgot to cut them out of a new top last week and they annoyed me for the entire day.
Loving the colours in your outfit today. x


Hate those ribbons as well!! Absolutely pointless.

I really like your outfit. It’s nice to see some colour when everyone’s still in black coats. And the scarf is really pretty.


AH yeah, i always cut them out. But i also keep them in a bag thinking that one day i might need them for customising an outfit. I had a mad idea to sew them onto the shoulder of a sleeveless top in a sort of fringing way….not sure about that anymore!

They’re pretty annoying though, that’s for sure.


I have been wondering about this, too. They are in EVERY item now – no matter if they make sense or not. Luckily they don’t distract you from looking fab, Jen. Great colour combination!


I also cut them off and use them in school for craft activities!

I used to work in a clothes shop though and I think they are only there to save the shop staff’s sanity and stop items dropping off hangers onto the floor at the slightest touch.

p.s. I love the colour of that skirt 🙂



loving the outfit 🙂 i use the ribbons if my clothes have them, but cut them out as soon as they start to annoy me!

Pearl Westwood

I absolutly love this outfit, very sexy!
Oh I hate anything attached to my clothes, ribbons, spare buttons and labels all get cut out! I once had something with see-through plastic ‘ribbons’ how vile!!


Yes, I always cut out the ribbons…. I never see the point in them, they just get in the way! I save them for crafty purposes 😀
I love your outfit, beautiful colours xx


Sometimes I do but other times I leave them in – especially my dresses so I can hang them up. I then tuck then around my bra straps to stop them showing.

I really really REALLY LOVE your outfit today. That skirt is to die for.


I hate the one that goes across the back of the neckline! I always choke myself on them in fitting rooms! (Should I not share that fact?) Love your outfit! Great colors!


They are so annoying! I wish they only put them in things that actually NEED it (like one-shoulder tops) – so wasteful!

Miss Lucy

I immediately snip them out too – what a pointless piece of ribbon! I love Kelly’s idea of using them as gift tag ribbons though xx


Oh they annoy the crap out of me. I do the same as a few of the other commenters and just chop them out and keep them in my ribbon box. They’re far more useful as gift tags than they are inside the clothes.


I hate the ribbons too! I’m just glad they are useful for other things 🙂

Would like to say that I paid my first visit to your blog this evening about two hours ago, and have been sifting through your posts ever since.
I am extremely impressed, your blog really stands out to me as one to watch, and I love your style! Reminds me I must visit my local charity shops very soon 🙂

I am especially loving the outfit in this post! I never would have thought the colours would go together, but you totally pull it off!
Love it!

Rebecca xo


I have a blue ribbon cut out of a friends top before a night out, that I have had on my wrist for best part of 3 years. I think she had one of mine too. Cheap spontaneous friendship bracelet.

Also love this skirt, it’s the kind of skirt I imagine myself wearing to my imaginary dream job, beautiful colour.



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