Floral Friday (the 13th!)

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New Look vest, Primark polo neck, ASOS shorts, H&M tights, Primark brogues, thrifted necklace

I’m posting on a weekday afternoon – how novel! I’ve got the day off work as it’s Mr’s birthday, so we’ve been out to the shops (he bought a computer game, I lusted over… well, everything in Topshop) and for lunch and now we’re chilling at home before going out tonight.

I love having a day off during the week. You get so much done. What is it about working 9-5.30 (and never getting home before 7) that makes it so hard to have a life? My job is stressful and all-consuming (although I love what I do so much) and weekends seem to fly by in a flurry of cleaning, washing and supermarket shopping. Sigh.

Anyway. I’m settling down to make some jewellery… When I was at uni, my handmade jewellery was a part time job. I work under the name pinkplectrum and usually just make things for friends and family these days. However, with Christmas looming and my usual lack of organisation and cold hard cash, I’m hitting the charms once again and creating some of my special, one off pieces. I’ll post a blog about it later, but in the meantime you can check out my website and let me know what you think.

Ciao bella!



Vintage Vixen

What fab jewellery, you’re a clever girl.
Great name,too – my boyfriend was a guitarist with a well-known indie band back in the day so I don’t know why I’ve ever thought of using “plectrum” in my ebay name! xx

Little Bird

Thanks so much girls!

Vicky, my boyfriend is a guitarist, drummer and pianist – our house is covered in various musical instruments and many, many plectrums! Hence the name. It’s actually my eBay name too! Hee hee!



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