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Clothing at Tesco silk trousers, H&M tee, Primark, Topshop pumps, Zara Taylor timepiece necklace

Can you guess the price of these 100% silk drawstring trousers? I think they look like a £60 pair from Reiss or Cos, with their simple detailing and lux fabric. But they’re not. They were £15 from
Clothing at Tesco and I just adore them. Apart from being so easy to style and perfect for the summer-to-autumn transition, they feel like PJs. I could quite happily climb into bed with them on… although they’re far too lovely to be covered by the duvet!

Do you have an item in your wardrobe that looks far more expensive than it actually was? A thrifted bargain, sale scoop or high street copy that draws gasps of surprise when you reveal the price?



Tesco is one of my favourite clothes shops! Great for my work wardrobe and if you chose carefully the quality isn’t bad so they last a while too. I’ll have to go and check out those trousers.

I have a black shirt dress with a full skirt which is originally from Primark but I bought it in a charity shop for £2 or £3. I always get compliments when I wear it, but my problem is I immediately blurt out that it’s Primark AND 2nd hand!


Ooh saw these the other day and nearly bought them, such a bargain! Super comfy and chic as well.
Looking lovely as ever, little bird! 🙂

Jess x


Amazing! I feel that they’re work friendly but not 100% sure as slightly like pjs? Do you wear them to work? xx


Lovely trousers and for only £15, very good business! I have stuff that was meant to be expensive but I got it in the sale, does that count lol?!


I bought a simple grey jersey dress for work, when I picked up off the rail thought would be at least £50 but was only £15! I love it when you find cheaper items that look so much more expensive! x


Love the trousers <3
I have a pair of hight waisted leopard print trousers that I got in a market for a fiver! I love them.
And a Ralph Lauren blouse that I got in charity shop for 7 EURO. Happy days.



Gorgeous outfit – I can’t believe those trousers were only £15! My favourite bargain item at the moment is a nautical striped dress that I got for £3 in the sales 🙂 x


They are so gorgeous! I love Tesco’s clothing. It all could be from somewhere much more expensive, and I always get compliment when I wear any of their stuff!

I have a trench coat that I wear to death, that was 99p on ebay! People always think its mega expensive!

And in reply to your comment on my Kate Moss post, I do tend to agree with you. Her face is everywhere so I can understand hy people are tiring of her. To be honest I think I am myself, but she looks so fierce in that cover! haha 🙂


I can’t believe the price of those trousers! Items that are budget-friendly but look luxurious & expensive are the *best*!



wow, good work Jen! I would never think to look at Tesco for clothes, Asda is pretty good sometimes but I have never looked at other supermarkets!
What a bargain those trousers are and they look lovely on you too! x


Tesco are surprising sometimes aren’t they? I have a red stretchy body-con type skirt from there and my friend saw it and went “Ooh, American Apparel? I have the same one!” I was quite proud to reply “No, £4 in the Tesco sale!”


Oh, the pants look so comfy, I’ll happily wear them to bed too!!

And that zara taylor necklace is way too lovely:)



I am ever so jealous, because I don’t have a Tesco! It’s rarely ever I go to that shop, but these trousers are fabulous. x


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