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A few weeks ago I hosted a ghd giveaway where I asked you to tell me your hair raising tales for the chance to win the Deluxe Scarlet Collection Set. Your stories had me laughing for days – seriously folks, don’t attempt to highlight your own hair and always remember that a fringe can’t be cut off.

Picking my favourite was a hard task as all the entries were so heart (and hair) wrenching, and there were many deserving winners who I felt really needed the prize to soothe their souls. Clearly the memories of a bad hair day are everlasting. But there could only be one, and that’s…

blog giveaway winner
“I remember the day my mam blow dried my fringe. Year 6, end of the year, with a fringe you could fit your foot through most likely. Believe it or not there was no hair spray involved, just a small dollop of mousse, and Christ did that mousse go a long way! I look back and think ‘why did I do this ‘coke can fringe?’ but at the time, I was the ‘fittest’ girl in the class; all the girls touched it and all the boys wanted to get off with me. Best day of my life.”
I love Jennifer’s story. We’ve all been there, haven’t we? The Coke Can Fringe (TM) was the look du jour in the mid-late 90s and those who could master the perfect loop were universally revered. If Jennifer went to my school I would want her to be my BFF – she’s weathered the storm of a truly terrible hair do and can now see the funny side, which is why she’s my winner. Well done Jennifer!
Thanks to everyone who shared their hair raising tales – I now consider you all my spirit sisters. Let us go forth with our glossy manes, hair history behind us. 
Until the next ‘experiment’!



Err…I thought it was supposed to be about your worst hair day, not something that was ‘universally revered’ at the time?


Hi Anon,

The idea was to share a ‘hair raising tale’ – many of the stories were about styles that were popular at the time (perms, mullets, undercuts!) but looking back were actually highly dubious and downright disastrous. And the idea of the giveaway wasn’t that the worst story would win – I was looking for tales that made me laugh/gasp/roll on the floor.

Hope that helps explain it a little.


Well done Jennifer .. I too had a fringe like that ( ok…still do on occasion!) ha ha! I will never forget when my mum cut my fringe and it “bounced” up revealing most of my forehead! Parents can be so cruel …!!! 😀


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