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H&M dress, Gap tee, Accessorize tights, Matalan bag, ASOS scarf, thrifted brooch, thrifted bangle, Primark belt, Primark pumps

And the details…

Yesterday, whilst in Boots, I picked up a new deodorant. Instead of choosing a ‘shower fresh’ scent, I chose ‘powder fresh’. Turns out, it smells just like old ladies. So today I’m channelling my grandmother with this scarf knotted about my neck in a decidedly elderly way. What do you think? Love or loathe?

I wanted to give you a quick catch up on The Fashion Diet and how it’s going. Despite my tiny thrifting trip, I haven’t bought a single scrap of clothing since the ban was imposed. Okay… so it actually hasn’t been that long. It seems like an age but it’s not. Bugger.

Anyway, today’s outfit just goes to show how simple it is to rework your wardrobe. I wore this black pinafore dress in a similar way here, but by adding a striped tee, eye popping tights and tying the scarf differently, it looks like a shiny new purchase.

Which look do you prefer? Can you think of a third way to style this dress and save my pennies?


Cafe Fashionista

I’ll admit it; I love both looks, but I prefer this one. The first was a bit more sophisticated. This one is playful courtesy of the yellow tights and red bag.

What about if you styled it with lace tights, and perhaps a pale pink top underneath. Then accessorized with gold – gold shoes, gold jewelry…? 🙂

E is for Eleanor

A Pinifore-style dress is so versatile, I really need to find a good one for everyday wear.

The granny-chic is one of my favourite looks, but it needs to be done carefully as it is so easy to tip it over the edge into just looking dowdy.

Obviously, you have pulled it off amazingly here! That way of wearing the scarf is so regal and just totally finishes off this outfit like a cherry on top! x


Love it! The scarf looks awesome like that. When I bought my first knitted cardi a few years ago the first thing Mr D said was that it looked like something his grandmother would wear!

Obviously grannies have impeccable fashion sense!


I say granny chic all the way. I love the colour of those tights…and I am getting seriously fond of that bird brooch !


I love the scarf and bag!
That dress can actually be quite versatile. You can continue to wear different colored/patterns shirts underneath, wear different tights (lace, other colors, etc.) You could also layer it with a cardigan or even wear a high waisted skirt over the dress and belt it. The possibilities are endless!


i absolutely adore the way you put outfits together. just been reading back to the beginning of your blog – so glad i found it. gorgeous!


I love it! The scarf really brings the whole outfit together and pinafore-style dresses are so versatile. I have a black Mango one and wear it over shirts, different style tops, different belts etc…definitely a good item to have in your wardrobe to help you stick to the spending diet! x


Your figure is fab for a pinafore – us busties can’t get away with it!

Loving the scarf – there was a scarf thing in the 80’s and I had millions, both my grannies and their friends used to give me them. Be worth a fortune on ebay now!



You’ve pulled the granny look off fantastically! I love both looks, I don’t think I can choose one as they’re just both so different! I guess you could wear it with a capped sleeve top for a different look, when it gets warmer obviously!
Also I admire you for taking a spending ban – I’m trying to introduce one to my life very slowly haha


The horror of buying the wrong deodorant eh? Last time I did that I ended up smelling like a man. Not sure if that’s better or worse than smelling like a granny!

I am hopeless at suggesting looks – I bet with a quick rummage in your wardrobe you could pull together tons of things that would look so much better than any of my feeble suggestions!

But I do totally love today’s look (prefer it to the other way you’ve worn that dress in fact) and the scarf looks amazing.

The Owl Diary

oh i love this! but i can’t pick a favorite between the two- i love them both. this one reminds me a bit of blair waldorf from gossip girl because i believe it was season one where she was obsessed with bright tights. and that scarf looks like something she’d wear. so i approve. very cute. xx

Kyla Roma

I actually like this one better, but it’s the yellow and the stripes that sucked me in! I can’t help it.

You’re getting me into thrifting again. Is it okay if I hold you responsible?


I love the Berry outfit, just edges the win, both are great though. Love the scarf and brooch, and the yellow tights are a great bit of colour.

High five on the spending ban, you are doing so well!

X x

Anna Jane

You are going to be such a cute grandma 🙂
I love the mustard tights with this look, to me it just finishes it completely. I have to say I love both this look and the other with the plum jumper; I couldn’t honestly tell you which one I preferred!

Congrats on your non-shopping achievements, I also have decided I’m not going to purchase anything til April which will be a massive massive challenge for me! I need to learn how to start saving lol.

– Anna Jane xxx


I do rather like the scarf. You’ve got a kind of sailor girl/anime schoolgirl vibe going on. It’s really cute, actually.


Jen! Please … no granny … just very, very chic!

Left you something in my post just now … please come get it?


Ohh what a cute look ! Love this ! Your yellow tights are so fun 🙂 Hope you’re having a nice weekend ! Happy val’s day ! xoxoxo


lol! Powder fresh does smell like grannies, I never thought of that. I love how you’ve styled the dress. If I ever get creative enough to style my clothes different ways, I will let you know!


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