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Bit of a different, and slightly odd, post from me today.

If you picked up last week’s copy of Grazia you might’ve spotted me towards the back, giving my recommendations for things to do in York. I grew up just outside the city and it’s still my favourite place in the UK, so Grazia asked me to share 5 hot spots and why I love them. One of these was the Mulberry Factory Shop.

I’ve written about the Mulberry Factory Shop in York before – it’s where I bought my beloved Carter Snake and where I’ve spent many an hour stroking Alexas and sighing softly to myself. It’s a great place to pick up Mulberry at a reduced price and there are similar shops in Bicester Village and Cheshire Oaks.

There isn’t, however, a Mulberry Factory York website. Sadly, a URL was included in my piece in Grazia. This URL directed to a counterfeit Mulberry website selling fake bags at ridiculous prices.

I am strongly against counterfeit fashion and would never, ever recommend this website or any other unauthorised designer site to anyone. The website URL was added to my piece without my knowledge and I didn’t provide Grazia with this information. It was an unfortunate error and is explained by Grazia here.

I’ve been contacted by a couple of readers who spotted the dodgy URL and wondered why I’d used it in my piece, so I wanted to write a post explaining my position and hopefully discouraging anyone thinking of buying from this site. It’s certainly not recommended by me or Grazia – if you’d like a Mulberry bag for less have a read of this and visit your nearest Mulberry Factory Shop, locations of which you can find here.



I’m from york and I love this post!! I haven’t seen your article in Grazia but I really want to check it out now! I love the mulberry factory shop, one day I will save up and finally buy one 🙂

Tamsin xx


I can’t believe that error occured. So sorry to hear that happened to you. You cleared it up really tactfully and I’m glad that Grazia was on to it as well with helping it be rectified.

– Mandi
Find Me A Muse


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