Harrods Christmas Hamper

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I know it’s not quite December yet, but I am in full festive mode. I’ve got a mini tree up, You’ve Got Mail is on the TV and I’ve consumed about five pints of cinnamon hot chocolate in the last week. CHRISTMAS, guys. Let’s kick it off right now.

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I’m not a ‘foodie’ by any means – I can’t really cook, I love a Double Cheeseburger and, without fail, I always order steak and chips at restaurants. For 11 months of the year, I’m not really into fine food. But Christmas is different.

Christmas is chocolate truffles, fancy biscuits and unpasteurised cheese. It’s smoked salmon and brandy ice cream, roast parsnips and posh red wine. Christmas is the month of indulgence, and I go all out.

harrods christmas food hamperchristmas hamper ideas The Knightsbridge Hamper, c/o Harrods

This beautiful hamper is my perfect Christmas in a basket. Luxury nuts, little pots of preserve, a full Christmas cake… it’s a delight.

Inside the leather-topped basket is everything you need for a true luxury bitch festive season, from the champagne for your morning Buck’s Fizz to the tin of chocolate biscuits you’ll polish off while watching the Sherlock Christmas Special. There’s even a special bauble for your tree, to remind you of ‘that Christmas with all the food’ for years to come. 

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harrods christmas hamper
I’m saving this baby for Christmas Day, when I will dive into that wicker basket and stay there till it’s time for dinner.

Season’s Greetings!

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Thank you, Hayley! I have a Canon 500D (really old now!) with a 35mm lens. It’s the lens that makes the difference really! x


Thanks- I have a 50mm lens, will a 35mm make much difference? Do you have studio lights too? You have such beautifully lit photographs x


The 35mm is a big jump in quality – it’s expensive, think I paid £350 for mine, but you can definitely see the difference in image quality between that and the 50mm. Also, it’s a wider lens so better for landscape shots! Depends what you want to use it for, tbh – I do a lot of wider angle shots so find it much more useful than the 50mm. Hope that helps! x


I’ll take six, please and thank you. What a beautiful hamper! I’m seeing this as a fantastic gift for whole families, like gifting to the in-laws or something.


Yes! It’s such a great gift for parents or in-laws. Looking forward to busting it out when I’m with mine on Christmas Day! x


Wow! What a beautiful Hamper!! do you have any recommendations for cheaper hampers under £30? As much as I’d like about 5 of these, it’s out of my budget 🙁


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