The Perfect Gin & Tonic

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Gin and tonic has been my drink of choice for many years. It’s refreshing, simple to mix and easy to sup. I rarely drink anything else when I’m out (although if red wine’s on the cards I can always be persuaded).

My gin of choice is Hendrick’s – it’s a very light gin infused with rose and cucumber that helps neutralise the hint of bitterness you sometimes get with tonic. Despite having been around since 1999, I’m still often met with blank stares when I ask for a Hendrick’s and tonic in a bar. So I thought I’d write a very quick guide to making my favourite drink – also known as the Perfect G&T. 
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You will need:

Bottle of Hendrick’s Gin
Bottle of Schweppes Tonic Water
Tall glass


Making a G&T is an entirely straightforward process. Ice goes in glass. Gin follows ice. Top with tonic (Schweppes is the original and best, in my opinion). Then add… cucumber?

And this is where it can go so wrong. Normally, gin and tonic is served with lime but Hendrick’s and cucumber were made for each other, and no other finishing flourish will do. Slice up a little cucumber, slip it into your glass and we’re good to go.

how to make a G&Tgin and tonic recipe

A little something for the weekend, maybe? Cheers!



Another tip – G&T made with ice cubes made of tonic:) That way you’re not diluting the drink anymore than necessary. I usually chop up some cucumber into tiny pieces and add it to the ice as well. For some reason cucumber does seem to take away bitterness – Pimms tastes nowhere near as nice without it!

Cruella Belle

I must admit that I’ve never tried a gin and tonic before, but I take advantage of any excuse to eat cucumber so I should probably give this a go!

Nat x


Slightly belated, I know, but I’ve only just discovered your blog – last summer in France someone made me a Gin and tonic with Hendricks and cucumber… and a twist of cracked black pepper! Was zingy and fresh and amazing.


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