How to Dress Like a Grown Up

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I like to think there are two types of ‘grown up style’ – one is very chic and minimal, all monochrome and faux fur and butter-soft leather, from labels like Acne and Equipment.

I’m definitely not there yet.

The other is based entirely around the pairing of blouses and cardigans. And it’s much easier to pull off, especially with Boden on your side.

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Blouse, c/o Boden | Cardigan, c/o Boden | Jeans, Gap | Heels, c/o Boden | Bag, Michael Kors | Necklace, Vera Meat

I stopped trying to be cute around the age of 24 and since then, I’ve attempted to master a more grown up style. It’s actually quite tricky – I’m definitely not stylish enough for the aforementioned minimalist monochrome look, but I also don’t want to go down the pencil-skirt-and-courts route. Luckily, the lovely folks at Boden stepped in to help me out.

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(lol srs face)

With a very generous ‘choose whatever you want!’ offer, I sat down with the Boden website and selected a few key pieces to shape my more grown up wardrobe.

First up was a nice blouse. A nice blouse is what ~grown up ladies~ wear, right? The thing I love about Boden is despite being very nice and very grown up, their clothing doesn’t ever feel frumpy or dowdy. This mustard yellow beauty has the most adorable swan print, plus the swans have blue beaks. Now that’s fashion forward.

My second selection was a classic cropped cardigan. I adore this cardigan. It’s the absolute perfect shape to wear with those high-waisted skirts I keep banging on about, but it looks great with jeans and longer tops, too. It’s cashmere so it’s super soft and it comes in about a million (actually 15) colours. The obsession starts here…

I also picked up this glorious pink coat which I’ll tell you about in another post, and my final pick was a pair of perfect leopard print pumps. DYING over these. So pretty, so comfy, so easy to wear with every-damn-thing.

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I think the finished look is just a little bit more ‘pulled together’ than my usual jeans-and-t-shirt style, which is exactly what I was going for. It won’t get me street-style-snapped, but that’s so 2010 anyway.


Maria Fallon

You look lovely here! To me, grown up style is just less fussy, so less ruffles and sharper shapes and tailoring. I can definitely get on board with this though, those shoes are beautiful!

Maria xxx

Devni Patel

I love your sense of style, you look amazing. It’s particularly nice to see someone so stylish also sporting glasses. You really use them to enhance your look. As a spectacle wearer too (I’m -6.25 in both eyes and can’t wear contacts) I’d love to know more about these frames and if you’ve any other pairs to switch around your look.


I will NEVER manage that cool European off-duty model look- I am far too English, clumsy and generally round to pull it off!
I can’t get over this outfit, it’s so damn perfect… the colours and prints are so lovely together. Whenever the new Boden catalogue comes through, I basically want to buy all of it, although I worry that at my age of 24 its a little too old for me. I almost can’t wait to be nearer 30 so I can just wear it all with abandon!
I must admit though, I had already seen those leopard print shoes and I think I could DEFINITELY make those work now….


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