In the nude (made you look!)

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Thrifted blouse, Urban Outfitters cardigan, Primark tee, H&M jeans, Primark brogues, H&M hat, Primark bangle

And the details...

By the time you guys read this, I’ll be stuck on the M1 in my tin can, battling to get through the traffic (usually made up of confused old people and impatient business men). Continuing from my post about structure the other day, I’ve decided to start writing my blog on my lunch break and scheduling my posting so it’s all done and dusted when I get home. Then I can spend my whole evening catching up with you all! 🙂
On my recent blog rounds, I was pleased to see a number of ladies predicting big things for nude shades in spring 2010. Your opinions, combined with an ASOS style update in agreement, led to today’s outfit. I love nude shades! There’s something so classy about cream, something so decadent about dusky pink. I think these tones really suit a pale and interesting character like myself, too.
The hat, although masquerading as an inspired style accent, was actually just a way of covering my hideously overgrown mullet. Must get a haircut!



This outfit is lovely. Very much my style. I was quite taken by all the lovely things in the nude update from ASOS too, but then I remembered my challenge and shopping ban. You’ve just inspired me to dig through my wardrobe and try to come up with an outfit using what I already have.


pip a la chic

I love your top, the detail is so cute. I do the same while I’m at work, so when I get home I’llpost the pics up and then relax. Great minds think alike 🙂


I love nude too, I have some nude heels Im waiting to wear in the summer without tights!

I somehow find myself unsurprised that your blu tac tripod didn’t work… LOL


I love the colors of your outfit…it highlights the color of your skin. You are so pretty. And the hat, although it’s masking a bad hair day, is so cute on you.


I’ve just discovered your blog and I really like it!! I love this blouse, and like how you pay attention to the accessories -they’re definitely the key to a great outfit!




i love the pattern on ur top
and in kerrnag mag there used to be an ad saying FREE SEX
and then carried on ‘now that we have you attention…..’



Oh I love the dusty pink/nudish colour on you! I love the colour but somehow do not have many pieces of it! Time to start collecting:P



I do love nude shades on other people. I’m with Vix though as they look pants on me! – did you see all the Golden Globe outfits? Emily Blunt, Drew barrymore and Maggie Gyllenhaal were all in nude shades and looked amazing.

Cafe Fashionista

Nude and blush tones are my absolute favorite at the moment – they’re so feminine and romantic! You are looking absolutely stunning, Jen – adoring your hat!! 🙂


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