Is Being Busy Killing Your Style?

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The weeks before Christmas are always a busy time – deadlines loom, the days seem inexplicably shorter and the sheer number of Out Of Office replies is enough to send you into a panic spiral. And when you’re buried under a (virtual) pile of papers, it’s hard to care about what shoes you’re wearing.

When I’m busy, getting dressed is less about fashion and more about function. Woolly jumpers, jeans and slippers – yes (it’s worth noting here that I work from home and would not wear slippers to the office!). Cute dresses, heels and anything with a clasp – no. It’s as if there’s no room in my head for sartorial creativity, and if I do spend a little more time getting ready I feel guilty for not using that time to balance my books or tackle my inbox.

I’ve always loved planning my outfits and coming up with new combinations, but sometimes style needs to take a backseat. And that’s okay. Because even the typical successful woman – the one who works 12 hours a day, does Bikram yoga and learns advanced Spanish all whilst wearing a pristine pencil skirt and size 8 sweater – wears a greying vest and Primark joggers sometimes. Even if it is only at 3am after a long-haul flight.

Do you struggle to stay stylish when you’re busy? Any tips for fast, fuss-free and fashionable dressing?


Crafty Nell

Yes exactly this! I have a really casual office where I am by far the biggest girl, and I get stuck in a style rut of oversized jumper, skinnies and boots. Particularly at winter when I’m too cold to function properly in a morning and every goose-pimpled pore on my body is craving 100% wool!

Penny x


Ahhh yes, this is such a problem of mine! Especially now, as it is finals week. After a slob outfit on Monday, it’s been picking up, but not so well. But I did promise to myself that I would never wear sweats to class or anywhere in college, and I have stuck by that!



JERSEY WRAP DRESSES. H&M do a ton in different colours, they are soo comfy and you can literally just throw them on with tights and flats and look stylish! xx


I know exactly what you mean, I’m especially affected by the weather, if it’s mega windy and freezing you wont find me in anything more exciting than jeans and boots! 🙂


at college we have to wear ‘sportswear’ which most of the time I hate because I’d love to dress a little more glamorously on a day to day basis! X


Jen, I know exactly how you feel. Getting up at the crack of dawn in the dark and cold is making me anything but creative. I have been wearing the same woolly jumper and jeans for a while now. I use the weekend to experiment with outfits these days as warm practical outfits is all I can muster at 7am Monday to Friday


I totally relate. The cold weather, dark mornings and constant list of things to do at the moment is making me incredibly lazy with my personal style. I have to dress smartly for work but lately I’ve just been grabbing the first dress I see in my wardrobe and adding heels and a cardi as I rush out the door! x


Judging by the bobbles on my over-worn hoodies, I feel like I’ve been busy for months. I’m trying to liberate my dress collection though & coerce myself into making a little bit more of an effort. I’m finding that as long as I throw on a fuss-free jersey or shirt dress, over a pair of leggings & thick tights, pull on a pair of boots & clip back my fringe, I feel a bit better about myself.


See, you’ve so hit the nail on the head….atm I have a job that has a uniform so if I’m at work, by the time I get home, its strictly casual and comfy! At Christmas time its even worse because we’re so darm busy so I end up spending most of my week not making an effort unless I have to.

But that all being said, since I’ve been blogging I’ve because so much more conscious of what I wear and how I wear it, so have been making a bit more of an effort on those days I have off!


I mentioned this very thing a blog post the other week! It’s been so cold & I’ve been so busy that I’ve been religiously donning 3 pairs of leggins, 2 pairs of socks and a big jumper for the last couple of weeks! I think we’re allowed this time of year though! It’s Xmas…I’m very tempted to do a leggins & jumper outfit post aha xx

Phoebe ♥

It’s funny you should mention this! I’ve always wondered whether bloggers are stylish all the time or if sometimes they just put on some practical clothes. I tend to reach for my favourite Jack Wills hoodie for when I’m busy or have a long day at sixth form, I’m glad other people do the same 🙂 xxx


Yes! I struggle massively when I’m busy, its just not top of my priorities. The problem I then have is that it’s a bit self-perpetuating and I feel worse because I’m not making an effort at all. It tends to improve after a couple of early nights!


Amen to this. I’m afraid to say that sometimes I catch myself in the mirror at work after a rushed morning and recoil in horror at what I had thrown on earlier. My tip is plain dresses with smart jumpers over the top for convenient winter dressing that doesn’t look too ‘bleh’.


I stood in front of my wardrobe this morning wondering why I couldn’t just choose an outfit! I ended up with jeans and my current to-go black sweater – I just don’t have room in my head for anything but work and Christmas Day menus at the moment… It’s good to know I’m not alone.
I try to have a few fail safe outfits that I can go to when my mind draws a blank!
Now, where did I put my vest and joggers…

jennifer june

I plan my outfits during the half an hour of relaxing time before bed. I always give myself time before bed to unwind and do what I enjoy most, drinking tea from cute mugs and sorting out tomorrow’s outfit 🙂
If all else fails, run for the skinnies, button up blouse and chunky cardi.. Never fails in my eyes xxx


Whenever I try to experiment in winter I end up frozen with wet feet! My uniform becomes dress + opaque tights + big sweater. Then I have to fight the urge to wear ridiculously impractical shoes!


December is one of my busiest months as we prepare for a big event in early, so I’ve been living in black skinnies, oversized jumpers, chunky snoods to wear in my freezing office and ankle boots. Can’t wait to break out the sequins when I finish work next week!

Lizzy Lips

Just last week I donned the converse, comfy jeans and waterproof walking coat to complete my Christmas shopping on the rainy Manchester high street. Practical dressing made the whole experiences a little less painful and much easier to handle – shopping complete in 2 hours and back home to curl up on the sofa with a good brew.


hehe is that girl who works 12 hours and does yoga, you? I don’t know how women go workout after 9+ hours at work… I’m exhausted and cranky. I work in fashion so I feel pressure to dress nicely everyday at the office but I usually have one casual day a week.


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