The World’s Most Flattering Maxi Skirt

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When it comes to summer clothing, maxi skirts are a firm favourite of mine. By August I’m thoroughly fed up of shaving, tanning and generally looking after my legs, so anything that allows me to be lazy and cover up without cooking me from the inside (skinny jeans, I’m looking at you) is a Good Thing.

If you have Hips with a capital H, however, maxi skirts can be tricky. All that floaty material can be less than flattering, creating a frumpy look Brienne of Tarth would be proud of. But before you resign yourself to a summer of regular exfoliation (yawn), I have news for all you lazy girls – I’ve found the World’s Most Flattering Maxi Skirt. Behold!

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Maxi skirt, Whistles | T-shirt, American Apparel | Jacket, ASOS | Bag, Melon Half Pint c/o Brit-Stitch | Flats, H&M | Necklace, Zara | Lips, Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in Rendezvous

This skirt does what no maxi skirt has ever managed to do – it streamlines. Despite the excess of material, it’s cut in such a clever way that it skims over the ol’ childbearers and is insanely flattering on the lower half.

See also: pockets!

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(Hi Travis!)

I love the khaki print and the black taping detail, and it’s a pretty good length on me – I’m 5″7. I wore it with a simple black tee and bright accessories – perfect for throwing on without much thought. Annoyingly, the skirt’s not online yet but I’d keep an eye on the Whistles website or nip in to your local store. It retails at ยฃ85 and I’m sure it’ll sell out fast!

Are you on a maxi skirt kick this summer?



I love Maxi and Midi skirts, they’re firm staples in my wardrobe as I have as you called them, child bearing hips haha. I find that maxis generally nip in at my waist then flare out giving me a lovely 50’s silhouette ๐Ÿ™‚ Love your Whistles one!




I’ve got HIPS and though I did frown upon the description maxi skirt I then went to check where you got it as it’s amazing (and it suits you really well, I like the combination with the jacket and necklace). Plus, you’re really beautiful too.


I really like your blog, and I hope this doesn’t come across rudely. Over the last couple of years as you’ve become more successful you have been spending on more expensive pieces, and good for you. But maybe it’s time for a new banner – if I spent £85 on a skirt I’d definitely be skint!


You are absolutely and totally right, Anon (pleeeeease tell me your name!). A new blog design has been in the works for ages and I feel quite uncomfortable about the header… it’s a job I never get round to! The new design is underway now but I might put a placeholder up to avoid any confusion.

Thanks for your thoughts! They’re always welcome and please don’t feel you need to remain anonymous to express them ๐Ÿ™‚


Thanks for the response and for taking my comment in the spirit it was intended ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m looking forward to the new design, I’m sure it’ll be fab.
All the best

Lily Lipstick

This looks great on you. I love maxi dresses for summer although I have a tough time finding ones that I won’t trip over the hem of! x


I’m not usually a fan of maxi skirts, they don’t suit me and I end up tripping over the hems. I have to say this one is rather lovely, though.

Hannah Cagney Lace

I adore maxi skirts but often find they make my hips look huge too so this Whistles number could be a winner. I love how Whistles bring out some real classics that you can pull out of the wardrobe year after year.



I have the same problem with maxi skirts. I look like I’m in a play when I wear one. This is gorgeous! x

Zoey - Daisy Gin

this skirt is beautiful! i can never find a maxi skirt that fits right but this is a beauty on you!

love the new hair, cannot believe they are extensions as they look so natural and so well colour matched x

allison d

Ah finally someone who gets me! All this effort for tanning and after hours of baking in the sun you are STILL PALE! It’s so depressing! I have to say I only just dared to wear a Maxi dress but have to go for a skirt now! Your skirt is really nice and flattering and very well combined


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