Keeping Warm Without A Coat

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I have a mild obsession with jackets. Coats I can take or leave (apart from my new French Connection beauty, but I’ve worn that far too often for it to still be interesting) but jackets – aaah, jackets. Nothing finishes off an outfit like a natty blazer or tailored gilet.

If you’re currently experiencing the full force of British wintertime, however, you’ll know it’s far too cold for anything less than a fur-lined parka, hat-and-scarf combo and thermal underwear. It’s freezing. Despite knowing this, I decided today would be an excellent day to wear my Zara faux fur and wool gilet… which is sleeveless. Look:

IMG_7153Zara faux fur gilet, Topshop jumper, jeans c/o Next, Belmondo boots c/o Sarenza, Cambridge SatchelTopshop ring

Of course, I was cold. Then I thought it’d be a good idea to show off my jumper, so removed the already-inefficient gilet and got even colder…


And when I put it back on, the damage was already done.

This is my ‘I’m freezing, can I stop this now?’ face.

I’m all for making sacrifices in the name of style – these boots, although beautiful, aren’t exactly slippers – but sometimes it’s better to admit defeat and wrap up in something that resembles a sleeping bag. And maybe some Uggs. Come on – I know you want to!

What do you wear to ward of the winter weather?


Tilly Mix

Ohh dear, I fail in all winter-style attempts, I’m sitting in my (student) house wearing tights, pajama trousers, a dress, breton jumper, cable-knit cardigan, snood, woolly slippers and hat with ear flaps.

Style? Nil.
Warmth? Ohhh baby.


I love this Topshop jumper! I have a sales bargain red coat to keep me warm but on really, really cold days I do have one of those sleeping bag-esque jackets, not at all stylish but very, very warm! x


I abandoned coat and gloves for all of 5 minutes today. Big mistake. HUGE mistake. Took a solid quarter of an hour in front of the fire when I got home to thaw out. Brrrr!


Love your blog, although you are definitely a bad influence, I spent far too much money on a beautiful Zatchel yesterday after lusting after yours for months!

xx Nicki (home bird)xx

OMG I bet you really were freezing! But you looked lush so that’s half the battle I guess…hope you warmed up by your lovely woodburner afterwards.

I have the same jeans and am totally going to buy a satchel the second I get paid but I’m going for a fluorescent one I think!

Nicki xx


For me I tend to favour a leather jacket, scarf and impractical shoes in winter…and never enough layers underneath the jacket. I do own a big coat, but it only gets brought out if its truly freezing. Today I was wearing a jumper and then a large cardigan/wrap thing….I was freezing, but I looked fetching, and thats what matters!


I love my coat, but I miss my jackets. I have a seriously beautiful Zara blazer I have been able to wear exactly ONCE! I can practically hear it wailing in neglect. Go away now please coat weather. My jackets need me.


you’re brave. i couldn’t do it, just the other day i have a shirt, lambswool jumper, jacket and big coat on

walking dot photography

haha, yeaaah, uggs are definitely my guilty pleasure. I feel like such a silly high school girl in them, but they’re SO COMFY!
ps. just wandered over her from magpie girl and loving it already!


I hate that in winter you have to cover up a perfectly good outfit with a coat. Makes getting dressed seem like a waste of time. x


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