Leather and silks

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Steve Madden leather jacket, H&M tunic, Gap jeans, Primark pumps, thrifted ring, thrifted bangle, Accessorize headband

I love mixing fabrics. Denim and tweed, wool and cord, leather and silk. Although I must admit, this tunic is 100% polyester. Whoops!

I’m starting to get a little antsy about Christmas. It’s so close, and all I have is a couple of great ideas. What good is that to anyone?! Pah.

I do love Christmas, but there’s so much pressure! Your house has to look like it came from the pages of Good Housekeeping‘s December issue, you’re forced to eat Terry’s Chocolate Oranges until you literally cannot stand, and you’re expected to socialise with work colleagues OUTSIDE of working hours. For every bad bit, however, there are the fun parts. Presents, for starters. Waking up on Christmas morning in PJs covered in reindeers, Miracle on 34th Street in front of the fire, walking the dogs down snow covered streets.

You know what? I’m quite looking forward to it now… brussel sprouts and all! What’s your favourite thing about Christmas?



Love that outfit. Christmas… seeing friends that come home for Christmas, going to the pub, midnight mass where loads of old school friends turn up (quite cool to say Happy Christmas as 12.01 to them!!), Have a family lunch and tea. Hungry just thinking about the food!

🙂 Emma x


I’ve not bought any pressies yet – scary stuff!
My fave things about Christmas are pressies, festive booze (eggnog, mulled wine!), Christmas dinner, carols, decorating the tree, Midnight Mass and cheesy Christmas songs!


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