London Fashion Week AW14 – Day 1

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fashion scout london aw14

It’s 9.30pm on Valentine’s Day and I’m sitting on a hotel bed in my pyjamas, editing catwalk shots while drinking ridiculously expensive room service wine. Must be London Fashion Week!

This season I’m working with Panasonic to cover Fashion Scout London 2014. After a stupidly early start (hey, 5.30am), a tedious train journey and the usual confusion over which Circle line train to get on (Aldgate or Liverpool Street? IT’S ALWAYS LIVERPOOL ST BUT I NEVER REMEMBER), I arrived at Freemason’s Hall for my first show.

london fashion week aw14
Leather trousers, Zara | Jumper, M&S | Boots, M&S | Bag, Brit-Stitch | Earrings, c/o Anna Lou of London

Armed with my new Panasonic LumixGM1 (c/o), my blonde hair and I went exploring around Freemason’s Hall. It’s such a beautiful building – all intricate cornices and carnivorous spaces.

fashion scout london aw14ones to watch fashion scout aw14

I’ve been getting to grips with my LumixGM1 and honestly, I’m SO impressed. I’ve spent a good few seasons photographing Fashion Week with my Canon but not being a professional or particularly proficient photographer, I always struggle to find the right settings to capture the notoriously-blurry catwalks. With the LumixGM1, I stuck it on Intelligent Auto and got some really great shots.

fashion scout london aw14fashion scout london aw14

First up was the Napsugar exhibition which I just loved. I love seeing wearable clothing at Fashion Week and I could see every piece from the Napsugar collection in my own wardrobe. The comic book styling was brilliant, too.

ones to watch fashion scout aw14ones to watch fashion scout aw14ones to watch fashion scout aw14

Next up was my first show – Ones to Watch, which is a series of collections from up-and-coming designers Sarah Ryan, Carrie Ann Stein, Hiroko and George Styler. From knitted dresses to bejewelled jackets and weird lace face mask things, each collection was a riot of colour, pattern and embellishment. Very nice indeed.

fashion scout aw14

Downtime was spent in the amazing cloakrooms at the back of Freemason’s Hall. It has such a 1960s school gym vibe – far more preferable than Pret on The Strand!

I also saw Ong-Oaj Pairam and Pam Hogg, but both deserve posts of their own. Come back tomorrow for more photos, reviews and day two of London Fashion Week, where I reveal if I managed to stick with my stilettos for another day.

All images taken with the Panasonic LumixGM1.


Allie Davies

I’m interning at fashion scout this season! It’s a shame I didn’t see you. I loved Sarah’s collection, although they were a bitch to get the models out of so quickly haha 🙂

Waddesdon Blog

Baaah I’m excited to be escaping my normal rural/arty home (Waddesdon Manor) for LFW tomorrow. Won’t be wearing stilettos, but looking forward to a totally different sort of culture…. Couldn’t do it without putting up one more blog about guns, Queen Victoria and Cath Kidston though…
Valentine’s at Waddesdon
E x


Great post- LOVE your hair 🙂 I was supposed to be there too but all my trains were cancelled (sob) No living it through everyone’s posts 🙂 x


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