Monday 24/05 – pleats, patent and prints

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Thrifted skirt, H&M tee, New Look sandals, name necklace, Me and Zena ring

Not much to say for myself today, friends. I’ve changed the format of my post titles slightly so you can see what I wore when – so when I say I have some serious Monday blues, you won’t be thinking ‘it’s Tuesday girl! Get over it already!’. 

If you follow me on Twitter (and if you don’t, you should!) you’ll know that I had a mishap on the roads today, and that’s the crux of my sad face. A tyre blow out on the M1 and subsequent wait for The AA (who were fab by the way – I was back on the road within 15 mins) is not my idea of Monday fun. 

I found this quote on one of my very favourite websites, Clients From Hell:

“I hate blogs. Blogs are for angry people who are sitting at their computer with a glass of wine at midnight with nothing better to do. No companies use blogs anymore.”

And as I sit writing this at 11.37pm accompanied by the dregs of a glass and the wrapper from my comfort chocolate, I’m inclined to agree (not about the companies bit, though)! For your sake, dear followers, I hope your Monday was marginally better than mine. Feel free to boast, or lament, in the comments section below. 

Here’s to Tuesday! *clink*



Boomtown Rats springs to mind (tell me why…!) At least the AA got to you sharpish!
Love the outfit though, spesh the skirt!
I can’t relate to the quote though – I forget to be angry (yes, after a few angry tweets, I genuinely forget that I am angry at something!!) Hope your Tuesday is going smoothly! x


The skirt is so fine and cool which is will work great with all the sunshine, great do you think ?

Do you feel like a dick having photos taken in a garden where people can see? i know i would.

E is for Eleanor

That skirt is amazing! I love the black block at the bottom, but I think I’m destined never to suit pleats!

And what a stressful Monday! I just want this week to be over already to be honest 🙁


At least the AA got out to you quickly! I waited 2 hours once… 🙁

My Monday was equally stressful, four hours of exams, in a stuffy room was not fun!
Happy Tuesday! x


I love those sandals – I had them in white last summer but sadly the sole of one of them snapped in half! Hope you’re Tuesday was road-mishap free 🙂 x


I had my Monday off, yay! But i did have to work on saturday in the glorious sunshine grrr.

I love pleated skirts, although they are SUCH a pain to iron!


Gee, Jen, a blown tyre could have been much worse – Dangerous even! So I’m happy it was ‘only’ an inconvinience. I strangely have given up on the alcohol since I started blogging – somehow I feel a loosened tongue and commenting is not a very good idea 😉
Hope you had a better Tuesday! And btw, the outfit is lovely!


Glad that you’re okay… I saw a tire blown once and the driver was not lucky.

I love the pastel outfit… the skirt is so pretty. xoxo


Oh dear 🙁 Thank god you’re okay. Love the outfit!
Thanks for your lovely comments about my magazine, they meant a lot to me 🙂
Hope you’ve had a lovely tuesday gorgeous girl! xx


Oh Jen I love this – so simple and so pretty. The shoes are fab too!

How horrible about the car. It took me about 3 months to get back on the motorway after a similar thing happened to me.


Aww, poor you, I hope you get a big dose of cheering up today!

The pleats are wonderful, I’ve always been in love with pleats:)



That sucks about your car, glad you are safe though.

I love that skirt, so pretty, and love how you’ve dressed it down with a t-shirt. Perfect for this weather.

X x


Thank you for introducing me to such a brilliant website- Clients from Hell! Have just spent half an hour giggling away as I read all the posts! Hope your Tuesday has gone well so far x


LOVE the outfit. The tee is so pretty and the colorblock skirt is fabulous. I can’t believe you found a pleated one. How great.


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