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Wearing: Dorothy Perkins sheer shirt, Topshop jeans, Primark brogues, Matalan bag, Mango ring, Stolen Thunder necklace, Zara leopard print scarf
On: Sunday 30th January
For: A parental visit and a catch up with the siblings

Firstly – can anyone tell me why my hair is red? I didn’t ask for it to be red. Actually, John Frieda, I asked for it to be Medium Golden Brown but you’ve made it red, and now my hairdresser can’t get rid of it. Seriously, avoid that Colour Foam stuff. Unless you’re aiming for red, then fill your boots!

An early pay day (thank you, pay roll friends!) led to a few sneaky purchases over the weekend – I’m getting them in before I start my 30 for 30 challenge on 1st Feb. I picked up this rust orange shirt in Dorothy Perkins and know it’ll be a key piece for the 30 for 30 month. Wondering what 30 for 30 is? Read this and let me know if you’ll be joining me.

Come back tomorrow to see all the pieces I’ve chosen for the remix challenge. I’m pretty sure everything I’m wearing here will feature heavily!



Wow this sounds like a great challenge! I would love to try it but baby steps first, I’m going to try not to shop during February and wear some of my forgotten items (though spending the Next voucher won’t count)!. I might even try a ‘Vintage Week’ as inspired by the blogger ‘She’s Called Claire.’ Can’t wait to see what you style up, that shirt looks like a great addition!


Another lovely outfit, Jen. I especially like that shirt… amazing colour. I think your hair looks lovely that colour!!

Victoria India

First thought.. OHHH JEN I LOVE YOUR HAIR! Then i read it wasn’t meant to be like that! Well, i still love it, infact i wish it was my colour!
Also one of my fave Jen outfits too! You look great! xo


I’m doing 30for30 too! I have picked and taken pictures of most of my items. Just have cardigans and shoes left to take which I’ll do when I get in tomorrow. Having spent 20 mins trying to decide what to wear today, I’m quite looking forward to having a limited selection to pick from.

Ask me that again on 28 Feb!


Still amazed at your primark-brogue-buying-powers. So jealous, have continuously failed in my attempts. The shirt is really lovely too.

But more importantly, I think your hair is gorgeous! Sorry that you’ve been duped into it but it is lovely x


I think your hair colour is stunning. It really suits you so don’t worry sweet! I love that rust colour with it too. Looking lovely. Good luck on your challenge (:


I can’t wait to see your 30 for 30! It might inspire me to do it, but I’m not really prepared for it this month because I’m going on holiday for a week so washing, etc, isn’t really practical.


I think your hair looks lovely! I used to dye my hair myself loads when I was younger and it was always going wrong. My motto was ‘it’ll grow back’ and plus your hair is short so it wont to long to get it right, even though I do think it looks lovely!!! One time I went into the hair dressers with red hair similar to yours and came out (4 hours later) with it bleach blonde!!! Tell them to wash it with shampoo and bleach and then dye it again, that way you’ll get it the colour you want!!! Love the outfit too, can’t beat a bit of leopard print!!

Bow Dream Nation xx


Love the colours of the whole outfit; I’d wear it tomorrow if I could. I think the hair really suits you and the shirt looks great with it! x


Love the shirt – the colour is perfect. Must have a serious think about the 30 for 30 project and see if it’s something I could do. xx


i love your hair colour, even if it’s not what you wanted! really suits you.xo


I really like your hair that colour jen! So jealous you can flit from blonde to brown to browny red and totally pull them all off 🙂 Did your friends bring the foamy hair dye round as a gift, just like in the advert? Rather random advert at that! I love that shirt, Im lusting after that colour right now in some form of clothing. Super lovely as always gal! xx

Pearl Westwood

When I went from blond to dark brown, after a week in the summer sun it went bright orange!!! Hair dye is a tricky business, but Im sure you can just colour over it and the brown will take – it does look good red though I say embrace it!


Your style seems so effortless!

I am very envious of the way you put a few simple things together to make an amazing outfit.

What is your secret?! Do you plan your outfits for the week or simply pull them together each morning? Do you start with one particular item and work around it or just throw a few thigns together and see how you go?


I like the hair! I always think that you really suit brown and red tones and this outfit is a perfect example. Excellent sheer shirt pick!


The red hair looks quite good. It suits you.
Love the sheer blouse! I still need to buy one!
Good luck on the 30 for 30 challenge. Can’t wait to see what you pick.

Hello Bee

Cannot wait to see 30 for 30, I definitely want to try this challenge this year! Maybe in summer when layers are less necessary…. or is that cheating? ;]
Love the scarf – and how do your jeans look so perfect? My Topshop jeans always get saggy knee syndrome, woe x


I love your blog… your outfits just seem to suit you so well and you really look like you belong in them and are comfortable in your own skin. It’s a refreshing change compared to some of the other trend-following blogs out there..




This outfit suits your figure, skin, hair, and glasses REALLY well. Great combination.


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