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Topshop jeans, Dorothy Perkins blouse, Topshop blazer via charity shop, Zara heels, Zara Taylor necklace

Well. Um… what can I say?

After my mini-rant yesterday, I was feeling very despondent at the thought of missing out on a blogger meet-up. If you’ve been reading Little Bird for a while, you’ll know designer fashion isn’t really my thing, so the catwalk shows of London Fashion Week don’t particularly thrill me (although the experience of a fashion show is fantastic). But the chance to spend the afternoon chatting with my favourite bloggers was just too good to miss.

I was a woman on a mission, armed with a credit card and After an hour of fruitless searching and no movement on that £70 ticket, I marched myself over (virtually, you understand) to Money Saving Expert to see what Martin Lewis had to say. Let’s just say, I <3 Martin Lewis.

I managed to get a return ticket for £25 (!!) from Grand Central Rail who are offering discounted tickets to London from various stations in Yorkshire until 28th Feb. If you’re planning a trip down this month, I recommend you visit this website before all others.

So with travel sorted and a few shows in my schedule thanks to the wonderful people at vitaminwater, I’m on my way and wearing leather pants. Oh yeah, that’s something else I have to tell you. I may have broken my 30 for 30 challenge just a tiny little bit. Only for today though, I promise.

I hope you all have fabulous weekends, whatever you’re up to. After my whirlwind trip to London, I’ll be visiting the post office, the supermarket and my family. I’m such a homebody at heart (despite the leather pants).



so glad you managed to get a cheap return ticket gal! 😀 squealed a wee bit inside for you when I read that. Have a wonderful time, cant wait to hear all about it when you get back 🙂 xx


haha, this made me chuckle! hope you enjoy yourself!…in your leather pants. lolz. great shout with the website! i’m forever trying to find the cheapest train tickets. martin lewis is a money saving GOD.



Ahhh, I hope you had a lovely time! Pretty darn awesome that you got a ticket that cheap! Can’t wait to see some photos and hear about meeting other bloggers 🙂


Hey Jen, it was lovely to chat to you briefly yesterdy – I hope you had an awesome time. My favourite tihng about London Fashion Week has definitely been chatting to other bloggers!


i’m really impressed with your 30for30 outfits, so far jen! like you, i have a screamingly full wardrobe and keep thinking i must try something like this myself! you’re making the idea a little less scary (:

i’m extremely glad i decided to follow your blog at the end of last year, otherwise i’d be missing out on all your exciting posts; you’re always being mentioned on my blog!

i’m super excited for your lfw post! (and your leather shorts!)

Legs xo


You look great in this outfit! I must say I adore you hair too! I wish I could pull off a do like that!


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