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Mineral Face Primer, Mineral Blusher in Rose, Waterproof Eyeliner Pen in Plum

Mineral Lipsticks in Cheerful Cherry and Nicely Nude

Brushes – Face, Blusher/Bronzer, Eyeshadow, Smudge Sponge, Eyeliner, Concealer

Before I launch into my gushing praise for elf, I’d like to make it really clear that these are just my opinions and experiences. No one sent me free stuff to write this post, and this isn’t a review blog. I’m genuinely thrilled with the products and service from elf and MUST share my thoughts with you all! 🙂

I regularly read some fabulous beauty blogs and have heard many good things about elf (eyes, lips, face). I checked out the website and could not believe how cheap everything was! Seriously, £1.50 for a brush? Are you kidding me? (No, they’re not. It really is that cheap!) I placed an order and sat back with a smug smile after spending only £17.

The next day, snow hit the UK and everyone went crazy. I thought I’d have to wait a while for my order, but it turned up at 9.30am. So far, so impressed.

I started using my brand new goodies the next day. I was so utterly enamoured I had to go back for more. So I did! My favourite products are the Mineral Face Primer (keeps my face in place all day long, which is a first for me!), the Blusher/Bronzer and Eyeshadow brushes and the Nicely Nude lipstick.

I’ll definitely visit elf again… I’m already planning to buy the Mineral Makeup starter kit and a couple of other lipsticks. Do you shop at elf? What products do you recommend?


pip a la chic

I am going to check out this elf. Hopefully they ship to Australia but most online stores do. How good is primer? I only started using primer four years ago. You bought some good products.

An English Rose

Hi, can you review the brushes please? really need a whole new set but im bored of the usual suspects.. and between us, I could do with saving a few pennies!
Thanks x


An English Rose – Hi there! I just want to point out that this isn’t a review blog, but I’m happy to give you my thoughts on the brushes.

I really like all the brushes I bought. The face brush is a little rough on the skin but nothing too uncomfortable. I love the angle of the blusher brush, and adore the eyeshadow brush. Overall I’m delighted with them all!


I’ve never ordered anything from ELF but keep hearing such great things about them! Really interested in the primer; I don’t use one at the moment because they’re usually quite expensive and I can always think of more exciting things to buy. If this is cheap and works then that sounds like a brilliant buy!


I love ELF – the quality of the products are great and the prices are amazing! I don’t usually like buying make-up online but have been really happy with everything I’ve ordered from ELF – especially the brushes 🙂 x


I think Elf has got to be my favourite makeup brand, I have been delighted by almost everything I’ve bought from there! I love the
Brightening Eye Color quads, candy shop lip tins, super glossy lipshines, all over cover sick and the studio line eye primer 🙂


I just got my second order yesterday, so far loving the blending eyeshadow brush, mineral eye primer, the eyeliner pens and the shimmer facial whip. As soon as I’m out of foundation primer I’m ordering theirs as well!


Haha, great title!

Thanks for the review. I have never tried any of the Elf makeup, but I’m quite intrigued now after reading your opinions… 🙂


I’m definitely going to check this out – it sounds amazing.

Jen – there’s a black tote bag with a green owl motif on it in George at Asda for a few quid at the moment. I suggest you check it out! It’s so cute!



I am so impressed by Elf’s service- everytime I’ve ordered I’ve always received my order in a couple of days or less. Amazing! xx


I can’t explain how much I love ELF products, they are now pretty much the only makeup brand I use regularly. My favourites have to be the mineral foundation, and you definatly recommend the kabuki brush for applying mineral foundation and blusher. Think I might have to give the primer a go when I next order.


looks like some great stuff! i haven’t tried any elf products yet although i also hear a lot of great reviews about it. love the title of this post haha

Em x

eld is brilliant, i love all the brushes i got, i washed my brushes when i got them(i can be funny sometimes!) and i found this softened my face brush up. I’m going to order that primer next time x

Cafe Fashionista

I have been meaning to try elf out for ages, but I never seem to get around to it! After reading your review, and seeing the stunning results of these products, I want to buy some myself! Lately I use quite a bit of mark products – they are absolutely fabulous, and inexpensive to boot!! 🙂


I am yet to buy an Elf product! But I have heard soooooo many good things about this brand. Looks like you snapped a good set of products 🙂

I particularly like the look of the mineral lipsticks.


Niki – I MUST have that owl tote! It sounds wonderful. An owl fix for a few quid? Who could refuse?! 🙂


Your glasses are very cute. I used to use bare minerals and I loved it. But now I stick with tinted moisturizer!


nice to hear how much you like them! i’m very tempted to order them on their site but wasn’t sure if the lipsticks are good(as in true to colors and texture)… i think i will definitely try the mineral collection. i’ve heard good things about the Studio collection too.. i might give that a try too!


Vintage Vixen

What a bargain – great packaging for the money,too. I don’t need any encouragement to buy more make-up – I don’t have a bag, I have a drawer! xxx


I had never heard of ELF so thanks for the tip. I’ve been thinking about mineral makeup for a while and was wondering about splurging on Bare Minerals but I might save my pennies and check ELF out first.

Polished Sense

They use to sell it at Target. Hmmm I haven’t seen it in a while. Where can I find some? If you know of an online shop, pass it my way!



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