Dear Santa…

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Macbook, Apple, £799

OK, I know. This is a pretty ridiculous present to ask for. They’re one pound shy of £800. £800!! However, my birthday is 30th December and although that often means I get birthday presents wrapped in slightly crumpled Christmas paper (HATE that), it also means I can combine the two to get presents that are a little bit (or in this case, bloody loads) more expensive than usual. Having divorced parents helps here, too! I plan to ask for contributions towards this absolute beauty and make up the difference with my own money. I’m telling you this from my ancient Dell that I slam shut in fury regularly. I need this.

Leopard print Converse All Star Lo, Office, £34.99

How totally awesome are these?! I love Converse sneakers – they’re just so classic. This wild print would surely put a spring in my step? I want to wear these with a girly dress, woolly tights and a floppy beret.

Friendship rings, Laura Lee, £75

I’ve left hints, I’ve given him my ring size, I’ve thrust my laptop under his nose and said ‘please buy me one of these rings’. I think he’s got it, but just in case, I’ll let him read this post when I’m done.

What do you want for Christmas?



Its weird but I dont know what I want for Christmas yet… A Prada bag would be perfect but I dont think Santa is so generous!
Nice post

Cafe Fashionista

Laptop! I need a laptop! I want to be able to blog from bed! I want to complete assignments on the couch! Yes, a laptop is required for all of this! I just ordered a Dell Inpiron (in Pink!) – it’s not a Macbook, but it’s what I could afford (well, not really) right now.

My birthday is December 21 so I know what you mean about receiving gifts wrapped in crumpled Christmas paper. I have also received one gift attached to a card that says Merry Christmas, Happy Birthday. 😛


I love those shoes and those rings! Ah! And I have a macbook and they are simply amazing..hope you get all you wish for! 🙂


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