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For me, the weekend is always about jumpers and jeans.

petit bateau raincoat
Raincoat, Petit Bateau | Sweater, Petit Bateau | Jeans, Gap | Flats, Boden | Necklace, Cos

I love throwing on something simple and heading out for a blustery walk or long lunch or… trip to Homebase. All these things were achieved this weekend.

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I haven’t done an outfit photo in quite a while, mostly because I’ve been very busy and my very busy uniform of black jeans, a black polo neck and black boots is seriously uninspiring. This Petit Bateau raincoat felt like a little ray of sunshine when it arrived earlier in the week, so it was more than worthy of some hastily-snapped shots.

What do you wear at the weekend?



I’m loving those Boden flats. I’ve been eyeing them up on their website, but really wanted to see them on a “real” person so thanks for that. I guess I’m gonna go get them, they look great on.


They’re my absolute faves at the moment. The black/navy mix goes with EVERYTHING. Something to note – I got my regular size and they fit well width-wise but were a bit too long. They really rubbed at first so I got some heel guards and now they’re super comfy 🙂


My summer weekend uniform: shorts and T-shirts

Winter: Poloneck, another sweater when it’s REALLY cold with jeans/ winter slacks and jackets/coats


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