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Zara dress, New Look wedges, Elsie Belle necklace

Yesterday was my first day at my new job – it went really well! The office is a little quiet as lots of people are on holiday, so I’m looking forward to meeting everyone properly. First days are always a little awkward but I felt pretty comfortable after my induction and I can’t wait to get into my role. It was lovely to have an extra hour in bed and arrive home at 5.50pm rather than 7pm! Bliss!

I wasn’t sure what the dress code for my new place was – could I rock up in my PJ pants, sequins and lippie or some seriously baggy jeans? I bought this simple yet stylish dress from Zara at the weekend – it’s my New Job Dress. A little treat for myself, something classic and cool that I can dress up or dress down. I added chunky wedges and a quirky necklace and felt right at home in the casual, laidback office.

What do you wear for work? Is your office smart, casual or a mix of the two?


Vintage Vixen

Glad to hear it’s going well, Jen! That’s a dress? Thought it was a tee and a skirt. It’s lovely, very you.
Being self-employed I can wear anything I like. Yesterday it was a 1970’s blouse with knickers, but I did pop on some shorts to take Dad’s shopping over. xxx


What a lovely dress, good choice for the scary first day! I love the belt you’ve paired with it too 🙂

My office is really smart which means work wear can get expensive, but I love getting to dress up in nice shift dresses and heels 🙂 Zara is so good for work clothes! xx

Ayden ♥

I thought it was a tee and skirt too! Lovely tho 🙂 I wish I could wear smart stuff like this to work, but I have to be casual and comfy for doing random things like painting and climbing up ladders 🙂 my new job aint as messy, so im enjoying dressing ‘pretty’ for a change 😛 xx


i’ve been doing loads of outfit posts lately of work outfits! i like to wear smart things like blouses, pencil skirts with splashes of bright colours. i like that dress, it looks so versatile definitely a good investment piece.


Gorgeous dress 🙂 I love those wedges too – they go with so many outfits!
You look really professional but have kept to your own style – I think that’s the hardest aspect of work wear, keeping it “you”…
I have a dress code at work – white top, black bottoms but anything within that is fine, I hated it at first but now I’m having fun with different outfits – it definitely makes 7am starts easier having a dress code!


At the moment I’m a student but when I was working last year I was very lucky and could wear ANYTHING to work! I worked in a chemistry lab so I didn’t have to deal with customers or clients so the dress code was pretty casual. The only bad thing was we had to change into steel cap shoes when we went into the lab (health and safety rubbish) which looked pretty horrendous with ANY outfit!! The men often wore shirt and trousers but I rocked up in all sorts, even pink hair once! Anyway, hope the job goes well and really lovely dress x


Great stylish outfit! Glad it went well, first days are always good to get over and done with!

I could pretty much get away with anything as a design intern, but opted for smart usually as I tend to get more work done when I feel professional! All my other jobs have had a hideous uniform which I do not enjoy one bit!


check you out! you look lovely jen, confident and cool.

i work at topshop and miss s so always feel pressure to get ready properly for work and as ‘fashionista’ as possible.. in fact, i dress up more for work than i do just visiting friends! that’s bad, isn’t it? >.<!

elle x


When I started I wore all black (I find it hard to be enthusiastic in the morning), but I’m making a concerted effort now to wear colour, and sparkle, and nice shoes! I do feel better for it. My cobalt blue ruched skirt isn’t very practical for running around a library though…Lovely dress, by the way – I can’t wait to get into Zara.


I really like it! I agree, it’s hard to know what note to strike when you first start somewhere new, which just adds to the stress! I’m temping at the moment so I have this every other day! Luckily I’ve got it down to an art now- I tend to dress conservatively, but with extra touches like scarves, big jewellery that are “me” but which I can whip off if I get there and everyone’s in beige! (shudder!)



Yup, first day’s are always awkward: I never know what to wear at all. I love what you picked though: it looks perfect.


I thought it was a tee and skirt also! 🙂
Love the brown belt and wedges with it. Would love to see this dressed up.

Glad the first day went well.

I wear anything I want, ripped jeans, huge cardi’s as many bracelets as I want. Only thing I make sure looks nice everyday is my hair. 🙂


LadyBugSays ...

Gorgeous dress! Glad your first day is well. My office is pretty casual, and as the only female I can kind of wear what I like within reason! Though I do try to dress a little smarter on days I know I will be meeting clients.


You look beautiful! I wish people were as ‘glam’ as that in our office. I have just received that necklace through the post, it’s gorgeous!

Cafe Fashionista

Congratulations on the new job, my love! Whenever you’re starting something new, buying something fabulous for the occasion is a must – LOVE this dress on you!! 🙂


What a fab thing to treat yourself to. It’s so pretty, especially the draping on the skirt.

I have no rules about work wear – anything goes. Thank goodness eh! I’m not sure how I’d cope if I needed two wardrobes. Basically what you see me wearing on the blog is what I wear to work.


congrats babe! i have a uniform at work currently, boo, but at time out people rocked up in jeans!
also you came up on my twitter suggestions the other day 🙂


Oh, I love the dress, it’s casual yet really elegant at the same time!

I wear boring and serious office clothes to work usually haha. But once in awhile, I do pop in an unexpected dress or two:)

Good luck with the new job, Jen!


Sounds like a good start and YAY for having left the commuting behind you, Jen, and what a perfect work outfit.
There is a ‘no shorts’ policy in my company, but noone ever told me about it, so I never understood why other women gave me a weird look when I wore shorts. When I finally found out and apologized my boss said to me: Oh no, don’t worry, you can wear what you want – you are German… Strange explanation, but I’m not complaining. Now I just wear whatever I want to work 🙂


Congrats on the new job! That’s so exciting! 🙂
I love this dress on you. I didn’t even realize it was a dress at first!


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