Staying Stylish During Cold Weather

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It’s the first really cold day of autumn. The first day my car has to be coaxed into starting because it’s too cold. The first day we put our heating on in the morning. The first day I consider stew to be a viable dinner option.

With frost on the ground and a bite in the air, I really only had one option when it came to today’s outfit. Dig out the biggest, cosiest, most blanket-like item in the wardrobe and wear it with gusto. So I did.


Topshop cardigan via charity shop, high waisted cords c/o Next, Zara long sleeved tee, Miss Selfridge ring

I like to think of this cardigan, which I picked up in my recent charity shop knitwear haul for a fiver, as the stylish slanket. It’s Topshop’s version of a blanket with armholes, knitted in the finest Alpaca wool with a few buttons thrown on for posterity. It’s ridiculously warm and two sizes too big, so when I wear it I am literally swaddled in fabric and quite red in the face.

To play down the slanket factor and redeem some style points, I teamed my oversized knit with skinny, high waisted cords, a basic long sleeve tee in rich plum and some statement jewels. Add a pair of platform boots and the effect is chic, rather than cold-at-a-festival.

Is it chilly where you are today? How did you keep warm?



It’s been nippy back home for a while now & it is definitely cold here in Norfolk! Layers required! Love te slanket – it looks so perfectly cost for a day like this! The color of your top is just lovely as well! Xo


I have had to cover up my nice pretty jumper with a huge blanket like item as its so bloomin’ cold! I could pass for a pile of clothes designated for a charity shop.
You however pull off the blanket-over-jumper look in a very slick manner, looking good!


Love that cardigan! I’ve been meaning to get one for a while. Good idea to pair it with the skinny pants. I haven’t been able to convince myself yet that my legs are made for skinny jeans. Haha.


This looks great, and super warm! It’s incredibly chilly here in the Yorkshire Dales, as one would expect. I’m keeping warm with a wooly jumper and Ugg boots! Will I get lynched for admitting I love them? Haha


That is literally one million times better than a slanket! In fact I am shocked that you could compare the two!

In other words I love it, an actual slanket? Not so much!


Im allll over knitwear, the slanket is big and unfashionable this is definitely not! It’s gotten colder these last few days but I am loving the weather


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