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I’ve already written about our trip to Copenhagen, but I had to dedicate a full post to the apartment we stayed in – not only because I became totally and utterly obsessed with it, but because so many of you requested more details!

For our time in Copenhagen, we stayed in this house in the Vanløse area of the city. There were six of us and we needed four bedrooms in total plus we wanted plenty of room to hang out, so this beautiful place – with its four bedrooms, huge living space, amazing garden and close proximity to the metro – was perfect.

Vanløse is a very quiet, family-focused part of Copenhagen – the streets were so peaceful and everywhere felt calm. Despite the sleepy atmosphere, Vanløse was a great base from which to explore the city – the metro was super close and we had loads of shops on our doorstep for those essential early morning Danish pastries.

So, the space was great, the location was great – but the thing that really made this house stand out from the many Airbnb properties I’ve stayed in was the design.

I fell head-over-heels for the style, from the simple furniture to the clever storage solutions. I loved every room – the main living space was bright and airy with a beautiful stripped wooden floor, modern wood burner and amazing upright piano, while the two kids’ rooms provided endless inspiration for my nursery plans. And that bathroom… just, wow.

The kitchen had so much hidden storage space – so well concealed, in fact, that we didn’t find most of the cutlery till the last morning! And the garden was just beautiful, with a raised wooden deck, a cosy hammock and a huge gas grill for BBQing.

The thing about this house that really captured my imagination was the idea that everything has a place. It’s a popular concept in Scandi design – there’s no clutter, no excess, no faff. Less-than-beautiful things are streamlined into boxes and the items that remain on display are truly worthy of being seen – like the handmade rocking sheep (which went straight to the top of my wishlist), the quirky graphic print and the original Eames chair.

This simple approach to interiors is softened with chunky throws, knitted rugs and plants. So. Many. Plants!

I left Copenhagen with a newfound love for the city and a urgent need to remodel my entire house on the Scandi look I found in our Airbnb. I’ve stayed in lots of beautiful homes but this one will stick with me for a long time – its straightforward style really changed how I think about interior design, and I’m now looking at my own space with fresh eyes.

If you’re heading to Copenhagen, I couldn’t recommend this place more. And I’ll keep you updated on my own adventures in Scandi style!


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