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Life through my Instagram lens…

At home
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I’ve been working on this little corner of my living room for a few weeks now. There are two deep shelves set above our TV and I collect bits and bobs from charity shops to fill the space – I need a few more vintage books, but otherwise it’s looking good!When I first posted this photo to Instagram, a few people said they loved the gin & tonic print. It’s actually a £1.50 card from M&S that I put in a 50p car boot sale frame!

That brings me on to the next image – another card in another car boot sale frame. This time it’s a Gemma Correll card from Paperchase (£2). I always pick up frames at car boots – they rarely cost more than a pound and lots of different styles look great hanging next to each other.

I was looking through old photos on my camera and came across this one of baby Travis. N’aawwww! When I look at it next to a photo of him from the other day (he was sleepy!), I can’t believe how tiny he was back then. We’ve had him nearly a year now and I just can’t imagine our house without his meows. Such a cutie.

I wore
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Last week was a busy one for me – I was double booked with work so style took a bit of a backseat as I toiled away at my computer. This was a typical outfit – skinny jeans (H&M), tee (Topshop), blazer (Zara) and sandals (c/o Sarenza).

My lovely Duke Studios co-resident Adam, who works for Evernote, brought a big boxful of t-shirts in to pass around. I love the design – lots of classic British things with the line ‘Evernote <3 UK’ at the bottom. I felt very Silicone Valley wandering around the house while wearing it.

Horrible weather continues to batter the country and up north, we’ve had flooding, thunder and lightning, blazing sunshine and gale force winds all in the space of an afternoon. I was determined to wear this lace dress from Zara, despite it being hideously inappropriate for the endless grey days of this faux summer. The neon yellow sandals are by Esprit and were sent to me by Zalando.

I bought this vintage silk scarf at the Oxfam shop at Isle of Wight Festival and have been wearing it lots since. It looks much better with curls – I love that messy, undone style. I sometimes get asked about my daily makeup, so here it is – for my face I used Benefit Porefessional, Estee Lauder Double Wear Light in shade 1, Benefit Bo-ing Concealer in shade 1 (for dark circles), Rimmel’s Hide The Blemish concealer in Ivory (for blemishes), Mac Mineralise Skin Finish Powder in Medium and Benefit Hervana Face Powder, then applied Topshop cream blush in Neon Rose to the apples of my cheeks. For my eyes I used the Naked 2 palette (lightest shade, the name of which evades me!), Benefit High Brow in the corner of my eyes and along the brow bone, Shavata brow pencil in Dusk to define my eyebrows and Benefit They’re Real mascara. I finished things off with Topshop lipstick in Ooh La La. This is pretty much what I wear every day and I’m a bit of a pro at applying it after all these years, if I do say so myself!

I bought
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Yep… I went there. I downloaded 50 Shades of Grey on Thursday and despite much Twitter moaning about the quality of the writing (shocking… how many times can one character say ‘oh my’?!), I’d finished it by Saturday. And now I’m starting on the second book. 50 Shades Darker. I am disappointed in myself.

I picked up this adorable Vera Meat ring in the ASOS sale… lots of people asked me about it but sadly it’s sold out now, although you may be able to get one on their website. I wear it on my little finger and it’s quickly become my new everyday ring.

More of the neon Esprit sandals! Rob tells me I look like I’m ready to cycle at night with these on – the colour doesn’t translate very well on camera, but they are spectacularly bright. I love them.

Peonies are my favourite flowers (although it’s a close one between them and tulips), but they are SO hard to find. I picked these up at Waitrose and they’ve been filling my living room with their beautiful scent. To get the ‘bokeh’ effect on this photo and the ones above, I used the PicFx app. I’m a bit obsessed and have to really stop myself using the effects on every photo!

I went
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Last weekend was spent hanging out at my mum’s house… I love going back because there’s nothing quite like the comforts of your childhood home. These amazing florals welcomed me in as I made my way up the drive.

On Thursday I headed to London for client meetings, a Uniqlo sweep and dinner with Gem and Kristabel. When I’m in London I work from an office in Knightsbridge and always marvel at Harrods as I go past – this week the beautiful building was looking very patriotic. I met Gem at her new offices – Company Magazine, no less – and had a peek in the fashion cupboard. Very exciting!

Yesterday was quite exciting – Rob and I went to look at our potential wedding venue. We’re hoping to have our ceremony in a beautiful building which has these amazing grounds, then head back to Rob’s parents’ for the rest of the day. We need to discuss some things, but I have everything crossed that we can have our day the way we want it… I love this garden!

What have you been up to recently?


Mrs B

I heart Travis! Jen I think you might be getting married where Mr B and I got hitched – it was all fabulous, so I’d advise going for it!


Such great photos 🙂 I love your idea of framing cards! Also your cat is sooo cute! I’m a big cat lover, you house feels so homely with one.


Oh how cute, look how adorable he was as a kitten! So teeny-tiny too!It looks (and sounds!)like you’ve had a busy time. Some relaxation on the cards next? xx


He’s such a cutie, isn’t he? 🙂

Definitely some relaxation next. Hoping to go on holiday in September… fingers crossed!

Chloe Verde

Peonies are one of my favourites too! Its the first time i’ve had some in my house, and i managed to find them in morrisons (kirkstall)! of all places.

chloe x


Ooohhh, totally going to Morrisons in Kirkstall for more peonies! Thanks for the tip, Chloe! 🙂


Peonies are beautiful aren’t they.
The wedding venue looks gorgeous Jen, very exciting. Can’t believe it’s less than a year for me. Scary but exciting!

Love your hair like that, very pretty, and the scarf just finishes it.


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