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Banana Republic silk blouse via charity shop, Mango tweed blazer via car boot sale, H&M jeans and leather belt, Zara boots, Topshop ring

It was chucking it down when I snapped these shots, hence my snug boots and indoor location. Far from throwing a strop over the less-than-Augustial weather, I grabbed my boots with glee. I paired them with this silk Banana Republic blouse I picked up at the weekend, and the tweed blazer I found at a car boot sale ages ago.

I’m delighted the weather is finally cool enough to pull these pretty pieces out of storage. Have you been saving anything for the new season?

PS – With all that being said, I really do hope the weather is lovely and summery for Leeds Festival this weekend. Autumn can come back on Monday!

PPS – A Little Bird was featured on Style Clone yesterday – see the post, written by the wonderful Claire, right here.



You look great – you do Autumn style very well! I remember when you bought that blazer & was excited about the temperature dropping to be able to wear it!

I’m more unimpressed that I’ve got loads of Summer stuff; pretty dresses & lots of new sandals, that never managed to get worn, because as soon as I finished work for the Sumer, the sun disappeared, never to be seen again 🙁 Gutted.


Vintage Vixen

A lovely countrified look going on there, Jen! The blouse is as cute as can be. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for the weekend, miracles can happen.
Hate this change in the weather, it’s grey, wet and positively chilly AND we’ve got months of the stuff to come.
Hopefully my eBay boots will be here tomorrow so that may cheer me up a little. xxx

Em x

Love the boots Jen, i want the Autumn weather to stay away a few more days so i can get all my baby clothes washed and dry!


Ooh, I love this look on you! In many ways I’m liking the cooler weather but it’s playing havoc with my outfit photography!


Have to say, I relished putting on my black leather riding boots yesterday for work. Lots of puddles! It’s definitely September already xx


Absolutely adore the blouse. Such a lovely shade. Also love the location!
Thanks for linking the post and for taking part!


I love the winter look you. Not that summer sucks but winter you just seem so ready for. Everything is just fab,

I’ve worn my new boots to death already, and have been LOVING layering my maxi skirts with tops and cardi’s.
Yay for rain! (boo on the hair front!)



OMGosh, I really hope it’s nice for Saturday! It’s been pouring it down in Guildford and my feet are soaking! Love this outfit, esp the buttoned up blouse, very on trend!!! Your boots are super cute too x


I LOVE the blazer, this outfit is so cute! Hope the weather gets a bit brighter for the weekend 🙂 We havent had much rain at all which is sad because I have been looking forwards to it! x


Love this outfit!! Especially this cute blouse and how the whole outfit looks pastel and soft if that makes sense!

xxx Iris


Oh, autumn how I love thee! any excuse for patterned tights, cosy boots and textured knits and I’m there!
As soon as I land back home, I’m off up to Leeds to do a charity shop trawl, as you seem to get some serious bargains up there!
That outfit would look awesome with some coloured chelsea boots, too… *devil on your shoulder*

xxx Maddie



I would like to steal this entire outfit please! The tweed blazer is just stunning and as for those boots… Ah, I want them so much.


The blazer is amazing, I remember you buying it, but had to link back to the post to see how much you snapped it up for!
This is almost certain to be a staple piece. I love the colour, so versatile and screams A/W xx


I love the belt through the loops, I rarely wear belts in the convntional way now!

Hoping for a sunny weekend, but I think we might be a little dissapointed. Are you there the whole weekend? I’m just coming for the day on Saturday. Have a good time!


The blouse is fab. After a crappy summer I’m ready to stop pretending and just embrace the cold weather! Bring on autumn and knee high boots, big cardies etc. xx


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