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Zara peg leg trousers, H&M tee, New Look blazer, Primark pumps and bag, Eclectic Eccentricity necklace, Me and Zena ring, Super Duper Things brooch

Remember how I told you all I wasn’t much of a fan of simplistic style? Well… I’m eating my words just a little. Yesterday I went shopping in Zara and Gap. Could two shops pioneer a simple, laidback style any more than these two? Probably not. I picked up a few breton stripe tops, plain tees and these wonderful peg legs. 

I just adore these trousers. They’re a little bit military, perfectly flattering and oh-so comfortable. I can’t wait to wear them all summer long, with wedges, heels, pumps and gladiators. Have you bought any summer staples recently? 

Tonight the Mr and I are slipping on our dancing shoes (well, I’ll be wearing my dancing shoes. He’ll be wearing his 30 second shuffle shoes) and heading out to a charity ball. My future family-in-law work very closely with the Chernobyl Children’s Project and the ball is being thrown to raise money for children over in Belarus. 

I’ve got the most wonderful floral maxi dress to wear – yesterday on Twitter I asked for tips on how to style it appropriately for a black tie event. I’m hoping some killer heels, statement jewellery and a smart clutch will be enough – what do you think? Any advice? Are you doing anything special this Bank Holiday weekend? Do share!



OOh well done on such a fab casual staples outfit – i’m hopeless at casual!

and i’m off to cardiff for the bank hol weekedn – lostprophets concert tomorro nite, and hopefully a day or so of the shops!!! and i don’t even care if it rains, that just means it’ll be less busy! 😛


I’d be more inclined to go with wedges than heels – I suppose it depends on the dress really but I don’t like plain heels with maxi dresses so much.

I’m having a uni girls meet up this weekend so as soon as I get home I need to chuck my things in a bag. List of what I’m taking is all made though (OCD tendencies coming to the fore there!)


Gorgeous outfit – I’m pretty sure you could pull off anything!

I hope we’ll get to see pictures of this maxi dress! I think your ideas are perfectly appropriate for a black tie event.



Jen I have that bag!!! It’s fab!
Love those peg leg trousers, such a fab buy for summer. I hit the NL sale today and got a tux jacket for less than half price, timeless classic.

Look forward to seeing the outfit styled for the ball! Wedges, clutch and some statement jewellery sounds good to me.

X x


lovely as always! I wish i could pull off cropped trousers! im obsessing over some new look ones and they just dont look right!

Cafe Fashionista

Oh, I just adore those trousers on you, Jen. Every time I try them myself I’m displeased with the result; but they are absolutely magical on you! In fact…this entire ensemble is magical – you look gorgeous!

I think it’s wonderful that your future in-laws work with the Chernobyl Children’s Project – what a wonderful organization! I hope that you and the Mr. have a marvelous time at the ball – I am sure that you’ll be the most beautiful one there!! 🙂


The trousers look great on you! You pull them off quite nicely.

As for the maxi dress, I love the idea of pairing them with heels and statement jewelry like you suggested. I’m sure it will look fabulous!

Style of a Fashionista

I am still on the look out for the perfect peg leg or tailored harem trouser these are gorge great colour too I can see that you are going to get lots of wear from these xoxo

Em x

Ohhh those trousers are perfect on you. I do love a bit of Zara, i hope you have an amazing time tonight xx

E is for Eleanor

Wow these trousers are so flattering on you! I may have to go and try these on! I’ve been trying to find some perfect rolled up trousers for ages

Have fun at the ball! Show us your outfit! x

Vintage Vixen

Fabulous, chic and understated outfit – you look splendid! Have a great time at the ball, bet you’ll be the belle!


I’ve begun to work classic and simple a little more recently, must be something in the air.
I loooove this outfit. I really adore Zara and those peg legs are lush – going to look for something similar myself!


Im hopeless at wearing things from Gap and American Apparel, I feel a bit naked when it comes to classic and simple – I’d love to be comfortable enough to pin an outfit together without the help of florals or bold print tshirts! You really look lovely Jen 🙂 I spy a little brooch on your jacket though… what does it say? Have a great time at your ball tonight, sounds like its for a really good cause. Make sure you get loads of pics! 🙂 xx


I really want some trousers like those so will definately check Zara out soon 🙂
All you need to make a maxi dress perfect for eveningwear is lots of accessories and a clutch so you’ll look perfect!


I can’t believe I’ve spent 3 days going into every Zara in Madrid (and believe me, there’s one on every street corner!) looking for peg leg trousers and you’ve found these ones in the UK! Off to Buchanan Street tomorrow to look for these. x


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