Preggo Updates – 20 Weeks

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20 weeks has been a bit of an emotional rollercoaster, tbh. We had our scan on Wednesday which was amazing – Baby Allison is developing perfectly, everything is looking as it should and she’s now the size of a mango. I’m feeling her movements more and more and feel really ‘connected’ to her… I can envisage her as part of our lives now and it’s so, so exciting.

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So the highs are glorious… but there are lows, too. My emotions are all over the place, particularly when it comes to decision-making. I had an epic breakdown earlier today when we realised Ikea don’t do breakfast on Sundays… I just couldn’t grasp the thought of eating anywhere else (why?! Ikea breakfasts aren’t even that nice!) and I was so angry that my well-laid plan had fallen through. I cried all the way home and sobbed into Rob’s shoulder for 20 minutes, then I was over it and was happy to eat wherever. Suddenly plunging into despair is really unlike me and it feels pretty alarming, so I keep having to remind myself about hormones and growing an extra brain and all that stuff. As much as I’m trying to live exactly as I did pre-pregnancy I know I need to make allowances and be kind to myself, because emotionally (and physically, but that’s easier for me to deal with) I’m not the same as before and this massive thing that’s happening is bound to change me a little bit.

So! 20 weeks has been a bit of a weird one, but 21 weeks is just around the corner and it all keeps moving forward. Next weekend I’m going to a wedding which I’m really looking forward to – I’ve got an on-point outfit and I can’t wait to feel a bit dressed up. And now we’ve got the all-clear from the scan, we can start buying things for the nursery (which I am STOKED to get started on) and important stuff like the pram… and we’re getting a new kitchen installed so I’m going wild on Pinterest planning everything down to the smallest detail. Hooray for nesting!



Ah So glad the 20 week scan went well!
How does maternity leave work when you are freelance, do you plan on just doing bits and bobs in between or have you been working super hard until now to allow for the time off? Things like that are what always worry me about taking the plunge to work for myself! (Sorry if this is a nosy question!)


Hey Sarah, thanks so much!

So I’m a limited company which means I actually get pretty decent maternity pay from the government… it’s comparable to what you’d get if working a ‘normal’ job, so not too shabby! I wouldn’t let something like that put you off going freelance – a good accountant will make sure you have the absolute best set-up to prepare you for any leave you take.

I’m fully booked until 1st November so planning a very busy summer then will be off until March at the earliest, but not really sure how much I’ll take on after that. It’s all a bit up in the air at the moment but I’ll definitely be writing about my plan in full! 🙂


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