Preggo Updates – 24 Weeks

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Another week, another pregnancy update! I don’t have a huge amount to talk about at the moment – there’s lots going on inside but nothing I can really see or feel, so for me it seems like not much is different!

24 weeks pregnant blog updateJeans, Topshop | T-shirt, H&M | Cardigan, Madewell | Trainers, Adidas Stan Smiths | Bag, Kanken | Necklace, Gem Smith

My bump has had another growth spurt and is turning into a fine specimen. I love wearing fitted dresses and tops to show it off – it’s just so round and full! Jeans are getting a bit uncomfortable though – even maternity jeans with their jersey waistbands are no match for a stretchy cotton dress. So free, so easy!

Baby A has been kicking loads this week – on Thursday night she was really putting her back into it, so much so that I was a bit like ‘ok, ow’. But then she rolled over, and her kicks and punches became so much softer… it freaked me out enough to call the maternity assessment unit, who told me to come in for a quick check up. The midwives were so, so reassuring and friendly – not once did I feel silly for worrying, in fact they told me to come back whenever I needed, even if it was multiple times a day. Baby A was totally fine, of course, but it was so good to hear her heartbeat and know for sure.

I think it’s really tricky to know what’s normal and what’s a potential problem at this stage – babies are still so tiny compared to the size of your womb, so if they shift around from the edge to the middle you can’t feel them as much any more. The midwife told me there’s no real pattern of movement until 30 weeks, so it’s often hard to interpret what’s ‘normal’ for your baby. I’m trying to tune into my instincts on this, and pick up her patterns when I can. And it’s great to know reassurance is just a quick 10 minute drive away.

Next week we’re heading to Copenhagen for a mini-break and I am SO excited – after a super busy week, I can’t wait to wander the streets, eat good food and Instagram my way through a new city. I’ll be back with all the updates next week!

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