Preggo Updates – 26 Weeks

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26 weeks! You’ve been great.

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Right now, I’m truly enjoying pregnancy. I feel full of energy and motivation, I love the way my body’s changing and I’m so excited for the future. Everyone tells me this middle bit is the ‘golden time’, so I’m gonna ride that for as long as I can. When a lady in House of Fraser told me I was looking well I almost shouted ‘I KNOW!’. Everyone loves a pregnant woman!

I don’t have many updates for you – bump’s getting bigger, baby’s kicking lots and I’ve really started to pin down a pattern of movement, which is lovely. Heartburn’s a bitch and sleeping is still no fun, but whatever. Nothing’s bringing me down this week!

So, a short but sweet post for you this week. If you fancy a more in-depth read, take a look at my rather long rant on maternity clothing. And I’ll be back, hopefully with a bit more to say, next week!

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