Preggo Updates – 31 Weeks

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Greetings from Croatia!

where to go on holiday while pregnantSwimsuit, ASOS | Sunglasses, Celine

As you can see, it’s really quite nice here.

We arrived for our ‘babymoon’ on Friday and so far it’s been an absolute dream. I’m going to write a proper post about our time here, but safe to say it’s one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been and I’m basically doing nothing but lounging about and eating. Living my best life at all times.

sensimar adriatic beach croatia
baby moon holiday pregnancyBikini, ASOS | Hat, ASOS | Sunglasses, Celine | Sandals, Birkenstock

I mentioned in my last post that I’d been super busy with work and was feeling a bit overwhelmed by it all – this holiday is the perfect antidote to that. After just a few days here I’m totally relaxed and enjoying a slower pace of life – when days involve lying on a sunbed with a pineapple juice reading The Girls and then eating a plateful of carbs at the all-inclusive buffet, it’s hard to be anything but chilled.

Baby A seems to be enjoying it too – she’s wriggling away, treating us to a weird and wonderful show as my stomach contorts around her kicks like something out of Alien. I think she’s showing off because I’m in a bikini, tbh.

I had a private wellbeing scan on Monday just to reassure myself that all was well before we came away, and it was so amazing to see her again after a long 11 weeks since the 20 week scan. Everything is looking perfect in there, she’s measuring spot on and developing perfectly. They estimated her current weight at 3lb, meaning she’s on-course to weigh about 7lb at birth. Sounds quite manageable, I reckon!

A few people asked me about the scan and if I’d recommend getting additional private ones – the answer is, if the cost isn’t prohibitive to you and you feel like you need it for your own reassurance, absolutely do it. We’ve had two at ThisIsMy in Leeds, the first was £80 at 8 weeks and the second £120 at 31 weeks. Both were amazing experiences with wonderful staff who spend lots of time explaining what you’re seeing on the screen… and you do see so much more than at your NHS scans. Understandable as you’re paying for the service and it’s more about your own peace of mind than any medical screening.

I can’t fault the NHS maternity service I’ve received at all and completely understand why they offer fewer scans and stick to the medically necessary stuff, which is why the private options are brilliant if you have no cause for concern but just want a bit of extra reassurance.

holiday in croatia pregnancy

We’re heading out to explore Dubrovnik tomorrow so I’m gearing up for a slight change of pace (and preparing to sit on the Iron Throne), but after that it’s back to daily pizza and this evening sunset until Friday, when we fly home. I’m loving the late-summer sunshine but hoping when we get back it’ll be autumn all the way and I can roll into my final few weeks in a bundle of chunky knits and cosy boots!

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