Preggo Updates – 32 Weeks

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I’m back from Croatia and the pregnancy train rumbles on – let’s see what was in store for 32 weeks, shall we?

zara dress pregnancy maternity

Dress, Zara | Cardigan, Cos | Bag, Jem + Bea | Shoes, old | Necklace, H&M | Sunglasses, Celine

This is the outfit I wore for my baby shower on Saturday – I had such an amazing day celebrating with my beloved friends and family. I wasn’t too keen on a big shower with elaborate games and lots of gifts, so just to have my favourite people around me to eat sandwiches and chat babies was heaven. They also cleverly set a ‘literature’ theme for presents – everyone bought Baby A their favourite book from childhood and it was so wonderful to rediscover the stories as I unwrapped each one. Such a great idea!

We had the best time in Croatia, but it’s so lovely to be home. I’ve mentioned the nesting instinct before as it’s something I’ve experienced pretty much throughout my pregnancy, but it’s definitely stepped up a gear since we got back – we’re having a new kitchen fitted at the moment, then redecorating the hallway and living room and having a new carpet fitted. I’m so excited for it all but I can’t WAIT for it to be done… living in it half-finished is driving me a bit mad!

what to wear third trimester pregnancy
luxury leather changing bag jem and bea

For our three year anniversary last week, Rob bought me this beautiful Jem + Bea changing bag – the three year tradition is leather, and I’d been eyeing up this leather tote since about 8 weeks in, so it all came together quite nicely. I’ll do a full post on it when I start using it as an actual changing bag… for now it’s doing an excellent job as a regular handbag, though!

Tomorrow marks the start of my ‘winding down’ period – I’ve got 4 weeks of full-time work left before I start partial maternity leave on the 1st Nov, then all being well I’ll be stopping completely on the 14th. I keep swinging between majorly excited to relax and desperately anxious about missing out on work… it’s an emotional rollercoaster! I’ve been asked quite a lot about what my plans are for the business, so I think it deserves a post of its own. Luckily, as of tomorrow I’ll have much more time for all these extra posts! 😉

And after all that chat about myself, a Baby A update – she’s great. The best. Her kicks are strong and very visible, and Rob and I can now feel her pushing up against my belly even when she’s still. It’s amazing to think we’re practically touching her head/feet/bum when she’s not even born yet. The wonders of pregnancy, amirite?!

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