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Pants, all £1-3, Topshop

I love fancy underwear but I refuse to pay £12 for a pair of pants, so usually end up buying a pack of 6 in black from M&S. Thrifty yes, but also rather dull.

While browsing the Topshop sale I discovered a rack dedicated to pretty pants, and when I spied their £1-3 price tags I started rummaging.

I came away with (whisper it) 15 pairs in various shades of girly. And they’re all size 16, because underwear sizing is ridiculous. I’m not complaining though – I’ve revamped my knicker drawer for less than £30.



Ooh, they all look lovely. My pants drawer is the most embarassing thing EVER seen. I think I might have to follow suit and head to my local Topshop. Thank you for giving me some inspiration to do so!


Heck yes. Topshop make such pretty ones but I already have loads so I only buy them in the sale. I can get away with a 12 or 14 in most places but I’m definitely a 16 there! Luckily that seems to be what’s left most of the time.
I got the blue & white stripey pair too 🙂 (and the same but green)


Aw I do love Topshop’s knickers, got a few pairs myself in the sale for about £2 each in lovely prints and patterns, wish I’d bought more now! x


Aah I LOVE pretty underwear! I’m rather fussy and have to have a matching bra tho, so tend to avoid all the Topshop pretties – in case you plan more revamping, M&S has some lovely styles in just now 🙂


Lovely selection! I’ve recently bought loads of new underwear myself, but it cost so, so much! Sounds like you were incredibly lucky.


Ah fantastic finds, you always seem to be able to sniff out a bargain! I always feel like I’m robbing La Senza when they have a sale on, they usually do some fantastic deals. I’m a big fan of M&S cotton pants, or I buy sets. Frankly Topshop bras just aren’t made for my body though, so uncomfortable!


I always find I feel a bit better about myself if I have nice underwear, even if no one else can see it! Unfortunately my underwear drawer is rather lacking, so I might have to nip round to Topshop.


Miss Raj

M & S underwear is pretty lovely too – and the same price range in the sale for the fancier items! I LOVE a bargain when it comes to underwear – feels like a two birds with one stone – 1) the satisfaction in being thrifty 2) and added bonus of feeling so sexy! 🙂 xxx


These look lovely but I only feel properly dressed when my bra and pants don’t match. Primark do some quite reasonable sets and so do Matalan. I agree you don’t have to spend a fortune to feel good in your undies.

Love the photography. Sue x


15 pairs?! Impressive haul! I fail at being a girl – I don’t like fancy knickers. Plain black short style one from the supermarket do me nicely.


underwear sizing is ridiculous why is that!? love the satin ones with the little bow! may have to visit my local toppers now 🙂 x


For me, knickers are not knickers unless they’ve got bows or frills or lace on them somewhere. Great post!


Ugh, I’m so jealous! I love Topshop’s intimates. I suppose we make up for it with Victoria’s Secret, but there’s something funny about the sizing of their sale undies. Also, there’s a disproportionate amount of thongs in their sale bins, and that doesn’t work for this granny panty loving girl.


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