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Confession time – Before last week, I’d never had a professional bra fitting. I’ve always just guessed my bra size, and have been a 34D forever. I can’t face trying bras on in shops (there’s something undignified about stripping in a harshly-lit changing room, concealed from the world by only a filmsy polyester curtain) so I grab and run (after paying, obviously).

It’s something that’s always been on my ‘must do now I’m grown up’ list, along with buying an electric toothbrush (done that) and having my eyebrows threaded (done that too, it hurt like a bitch and I’m back to waxing). So when Bravissimo invited me to my local store for a proper bra fitting, I was delighted.

I went along to their shop in Victoria Quarter, Leeds and spent 45 mins having a very thorough fitting. I tried lots of different styles and discovered that, like with clothing, sizing fluctuates. I went from my starting size of a 34D (I was gently chastised for the gaping back and drooping straps) to a 32DD, then a 30E and finally a 30F. It’s amazing how different you look and feel when wearing the right bra – you walk taller, look slimmer, feel more ‘secure’.

The ladies at Bravissimo kindly let me choose a set to take away, although I’ll be back to invest in a few more pieces after payday. Prices range from around £24-£30, so more than your average M&S deal, but look how pretty…


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I chose the Freya Alexa set

I was very impressed with the fitting service from Bravissimo and would recommend it to anyone whose cup runneth over.

Have you ever had a professional bra fitting? Did the results surprise you?



i dont know what size i am .my underwear drawer is a disgrace..most things are “dove grey!” and so many different sizes that to be honest dont even fit properly.. i think i am in need of being measured now !!


Every time I go to Bravissimo they guess-timate {urg – i hate that word} that I am a different size, so now I just take a few in and try. Plus I find that each style will have a different fit.
That said, it can be difficult to get nice styles in bigger sizes so I applaud their choices.

Miss Lucy

Oh so glad you loved it, I’m a massive Bravissimo fan and rave about their services constantly. Not cheap but so worth it and 34DD – 30F is quite a change! X

Lulu B

I’m exactly the same, i was first measured when i was 16, and was told i was a 34C however as the years have gone on i found my bras constantly giving me greif! So i too went for a re-fit recently at 22! Im now a 32DD! Lets just say my mouth dropped and i can now live comfortably with my jubblies! :o) xx


It’s the only place to go! Now I know that the Panache Tango is the one that fits me best I look for it on ebay at half the price. I just buy different colours but there’s no point changing style because that’s what is perfect for me.

Diary of a Tinyholder

For years I wore a 38DD and I was always uncomfortable, tight tops looked awful and then I went for a fitting and found I’m a 34F!! It really transformed my life (in a silly way) as I was comfortable and my clothes looked better (didn’t have the 4 boobs thing). Amazes me that people don’t go for more fittings really – it’s so important!


I should go for a professional bra fitting now as well. I know it’s a really important thing to do.
I love the set you chose. It looks so pretty.


My fitting’s on wednesday and I can’t wait. 34D-30F is a big change! I’m really happy to be offered this opportunity, and your set looks so pretty too! Xx


The set looks really pretty.
Being what my sister-in-law calls ‘doll-size’ I have never felt the need for a proper fitting.. perhaps I should?


i had a fitting a couple of fittings the last time i found out i was wearing a cup size too small! im actually a C cup which i couldnt believe! 🙂 xo


Bravissimo are my kinda shop. I got measured there a little while back. And went up two sizes, never have I felt so secure and hoisted up! 🙂



They do sound brilliant and I’ve only heard good reports from people who’ve been there. Sadly I really don’t think my boobs are any more than a B now, so I doubt they could help me!

Pearl Westwood

My best friend loves Bravissimo and urged me to go but I was really disapointed. They could only find one bra that came close to fitting in a horrid purple floral (I only like plain underware) but it still gaped a bit, so the girl suggested I just stitch it up a bit at home, sorry but not for that price! Maybe I should give them another as everyone loves them but that totally put me off.


Like Pearl, i have heard a lot of good things about them, but I have only been once, in London and I can’t say they were particularly amazing. My friend went for a fitting but I didn’t bother at the time, but I haven’t been fitted properly for ages so I must make time for it soon!


I’m really not a fan! I’ve been measured in M&S (34DD), Debenhams (34DD), La Senza (34DD) and Bravissimo (32F), and I’m absolutely convinced that Bravissimo’s game is to shrink your back and increase your cup to persuade you that they know better than all other underwear shops and you must return to them! Having tried 32Fs on in the other stores, I can say for certain that I’m not a 32F!

I’ve not had the best experience with their underwear, either – the underwiring came out after just a few wears, it didn’t wash well (hand-wash only) and I wasn’t impressed with their selection!

That said, if it works for you, stick with them! x


They are amazing aren’t they!
I’ve been a Bravissimo girl since I was 13/14, they were seriously my lifesavers, being a teenage girl with 34GG’s is not fun, and whilst Bravissimo were amazing back then, their styles have come a hell of a long way in terms of young, pretty designs!! I’m don’t think I’ll ever leave the safe arms of Bravissimo.
Glad you’ve found them, there’s nothing like a great fitting bra, and new found waist feeling you get when you try it on for the first time.


I think Bravissimo’s shrink back and up cup is definitely the best way to give you support. I loved La Senza bras until I recently went up several sizes and now I just cannot get them to fit right because they are so small in the cup and so tight in the band that I just cannot get a good fit.

I wear a 30 and many people are surprised and yes it is tight but not in a bad way. If I got a 32 I would be wearing it on the tightest hook straight away and that’s a waste of money.



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