Project Take 10 Challenge 13 – Faith at Debenhams

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Primark maxi dress and t-shirt, H&M ring, Faith shoes

These shoes posed a particular challenge for the Take 10 ladies – how does one style leopard print horsehair peep toe slingback wedges with 6in grey leather heels? Not easily, let me tell you. All that detail meant only a simple outfit would do, so I went for a grey jersey maxi dress with a coral t-shirt layered over the top.

Apparently I’m a glutton for punishment and teamed an impossible-to-walk-in maxi dress with impossible-to-walk-in shoes. I had to be helped down the steps and into the garden. Here’s how the other girls worked them…

Paula, Harriet, Susie, Sabine, Sarah, me, Vicki, Ellie, MJ, Sherin

Another Take 10 challenge, done! Think you could walk in these shoes?


Miss Raj

Oooh you do look a little bit precariously balanced there. I think you’re wearing them well but I feel, if you let your dress down, you’d be hiding these shoes for the large part… but they deserve to be shown off, be the statement of an outfit. So maybe with jeans? Hats off for being able to stand in them though x

The Virtual Stylist

As much a I love a great wedge shoe I do admit that sometimes I do struggle a bit, especially with stairs lol! An interesting print on the shoes though and love your honest review of them.


I really doubt I would walk in those shoes, they look so high! And I’m crap at walking in heels usually anyway.
You’ve styled them well, especially considering just how difficult they must be to style! xx
Sirens and Bells


I am so amused by how many of us had to get willing boyfriends to help us even walk in these! The things we do for fashion!


Oh dear, these didn’t seem popular! They’re not my taste, though – just too much going on. I love how you’ve styled them though… I just maybe would have gone for different shoes, ha! That skirt is gorge.


i adore your maxi dress and t-shirt, the colours look great together. you look lovely 🙂

i’m not keen on the shoes, but you styled them wonderfully.



I definitely couldn’t walk in them. I love the grey maxi you paired them with though. Perfect and it means that you can’t see the shoes either 🙂


The shoes are a bit too much for my taste but the grey dress is sort off helping them work…as the layered t-shirt, I think it adds a few extra pounds…maybe a more fitted shirt?


Did anyone like these shoes?! They’re definitely not my cup of tea but I do very much like your layering with the tshirt over that gorgeous dress.


I love wedges but these are a little too much. Great challenge but it’s such a shame that no one seemed particularly keen on them ( or able to even walk in them). Love the outfit though Jen.


Wow, they are fabulous- I’d probably be too afraid to try and walk in them though!

I think you were right to team them with a plain coloured outfit- the dress and top combo looks fab on you.

Nat x


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Gosh I could NOT walk in them at all, no, haha. I love the shape of the heels on them but think they are a bit too much for me. Do love a bit of leopard print though.


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