Project Take 10 Challenge 4

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Lots of exciting things have been happening over in Camp Take 10. We’ve had a few lineup changes, some very exciting brands have been in touch and we’ve had plenty of challenges to keep us busy. For number 4 (and this one really was a challenge, let me tell you) we’re working with Next.

Next isn’t usually a shop I frequent, but when they sent their AW10 look book over, I was smitten with their cosy knits, pretty prints and clever details. In the end, we were sent the Stripe Crop Jumper, which took all my fashion prowess and many, many discarded outfits before I finally settled on my look…



Next Stripe Crop Jumper, Topshop jeans, MNG pussybow blouse via charity shop, Primark brogues, vintage ring, Urban Outfitters trilby

This jumper was hard work. Diagonal stripes are wrong for me on so many levels. Rips across the boobs are no good for anyone over a C cup. And I really do prefer my stripes nautical. I did love the autumnal colours in this jumper, however, and the other members of Take 10 prove that it’s rather versatile, too. Just look at all these different styles!

Jazmine, Shini, Nic, Sabine, MJ, me, Sarah, Sherin, Vicki and Adele.



goodness, this was hard jumper to style! i adore the pussybow peeping out from the jumper, though! hehe ”rips across the boobs are no good for anyone over a C cup.” – brilliant. xx


i actually quite like the jumper (!) and i think you’ve been very creative with the styling, i like the purple peeking through

Pearl Westwood

Your styling is wonderful, but I am not overly keen on the jumper, I like the colour but the design is not winning me over. I love it with the pussybow though xx

claire (jazzpad.)

I saw this over on Adele’s blog and I agree, it is a tricky one! I would not look good in this at all (you’re talking to the D cup who doesn’t do bodycon at all), I like the tattiness of it but not the metallic… either way I think you’ve done really well with a tricky piece, I especially like that purple neck tie! 🙂 jazzy ♥


Love it with the blouse! The colours work so well together

& I really like your hat as well 🙂


A tough one by the sounds of it, I really like the colours of the jumper, just not as keen on the rips, it seems a little too much going on.
Interesting challenge, the pussy bow blouse works perfectly x

Gucky ;o)

I actually prefer it out because I love asymmetrical cuts (and I don’t think you’ll mind me saying that because I know that you don’t want everyone to come on here and just shower you with praise) however, for that reason I also love that you tucked it in because I never would have thought to have done that (still managed a compliment, see?)

I like the jumper, except for the rips, being a 34G-H I am so with you on the big-boob difficulties

Two comments – 1. It would be nice if the contributors for Take 10 also offered a discount to all your readers for the items featured (bit of encouragement to indulge)
2. Speaking about boobs! For a future blog would it be possible to do a “how to/not to dress big boobs”?? PLEASE!!

Gucky xxx


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