Project Take 10 Challenge 9 – Spoiled Brat

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When we were discussing Spoiled Brat as a sponsor for Take 10, I was just the slightest bit apprehensive. I’m definitely not interested in the latest clothing line from Lindsay Lohan, nor do I want to look even a tiny bit like Paris Hilton. So it was with trepidation I browsed the site, looking for an item that might just work with the rest of my wardrobe (a heady mix of florals, denim and shirts with collars, as you well know).

We were given the loose theme of ‘jumpers’ and I eventually settled for the Delicious Couture Unicorn Athletic Sweater, eyeing the word ‘athletic’ nervously. Here’s how I styled it…

Photobucket Photobucket

Delicious Couture Unicorn Athletic Sweater, Next blouse, Topshop trousers, Topshop pumps, Miss Selfridge ring

… I kinda like it! It’s not a piece I’d choose ordinarily, but the quality is wonderful and I really like the relaxed, loose fit. I think the leather trousers and pink lipstick cancel out any notions of athleticism too, which is always a good thing in my book.

Here are my Take 10 sisters in their own jumpers…

Harriet, MJ, Sherin, Sarah, Sabine, Paula, me, Ellie, Vicki, Adele

How would you style this piece?



I like that you and Vicki both chose to wear it with a sheer blouse, and anything unicorn related is a good thing in my book xx


I like the jumper! It’s funny because I used to buy the AA jumpers that are this exact style and apparently when they discontinued this sweater they sold the surplus to Illustrated people. I wonder if this is similar? Anyways, I like layering mine like this too, or just thrown on top of dresses on lazy days!


I love the jumper layered over the sheer shirt. I always struggle with cropped jumper because I never know how to style them. I dont like my midriff to be on show and am paranoid that they make me hips look big.
Looks great with the leather trousers.

Vintage Vixen

It is lovely! One of the best so far as everyone has chosen something unique to their tastes. I love how you’ve styled it and yes, athleticism has no place in fashion. xxx


oh this was a difficult one i thought! i really like the idea of wearing something underneath, you’re right, it definitely cancels out the athleticism!


The sweatshirt looks really good on you. Tempted to buy some things from the site – also love the plain grey one that Paula’s wearing. xx


I really like this particular challenge. It’s always fun seeing how everyone styles the same piece but I like to see the different choices in this one. You look ace today – love how you’ve made the jumper look so funky.

ps – get me picking up on the Company edit! I’m quite impressed with myself, haha.


The unicorn jumper was my second choice. It looks really nice and comfy. Love how you paired it with those leggings. They seem to go perfectly together.

Also, realy love that ring. It’s pretty incredible.


I think i’m probably the least athletic person in the world, but there’s something about that trend, or sporty trends that make me want to give it a go…Perhaps it’s because it’s attempting to make something utterly uninteresting to me slightly more relatable! oh that’s awful! lazy me.

but I love this look, i think it really suits you!

annah xx

Anya adores

Sweatshirt is cute and so is your hair. Also happy I found your blog, it’s brilliant – following you now – please come see me sometime, maybe you follow back :O)
A xx
Happy sunday!!


I love the way you styled it! I was apprehensive with the sweater too, but Take 10 has really shown me that you can take anything and make it your own!


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